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            Treat yourself to a half or full hour of no worries and no stress. Open yourself up to the healing ray of Reiki healing energy.  Reiki energy enters your physical body and subtle energy fields to aid in your body’s healing of itself.  

            Reiki accelerates healing through its ability to sense where healing energy is needed and then go there on its own. It seeks out any lack of ease in hopes of soothing it. Think of it as an energy with a mind of its own that can sense where it is needed. As a result, it de-stresses your entire system and works its way into all of your energy fields, the subtle bodies ~ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

       Dissolve as you are also bathed in the soothing and scintillating energy of sound healing vibrations combined with hands on Reiki. This along with the quiet power of Reiki provides for an unforgettable experience that lasts long after your session is over.

         Session includes post-session feedback.


Reiki Session:

75 min - $125 - Session includes 60 min of Reiki plus 15 min of post session intuitive feedback.

Dog Reiki and Animal Communication

Angel healing a dog.png

Dog Reiki is the perfect addition to your dog's healing protocol for health or behavioral issues.  The beautiful thing about working with dogs is they are so receptive to the waves of the healing energy.  Typically, they aren't necessarily going to "lay down" and just receive, but through their interaction, communication begins. Their "thinking" doesn't get in the way of what is coming through them. As a result, they get maximum effectiveness.  Often, they  calm down and relax but depending on their issue, their lack of relaxation is part of what they want to communicate what is on their mind that they want you to know about their wound and subsequent healing.  This can often be very effective in behavioral issues as well as their speed of recovery, especially when an emotional wound is involved. Treat your dog to a loving, healing session right away! 

Reiki Healing Sessions with Animal Communication

30-60 min 


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