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Podcasts with Patty Hall


on NPR

   with host Chion Wolf

and Guest Patty Hall

December 9, 2022 episode


Reincarnation, Past Life Regressions,

and YOU (whoever you are)


Three segments comprise this podcast. Patty Hall is guest on the third segment.

Part I - Meet a man who believes he is the reincarnation of Civil War General John P. Gordon.

Part II - a researcher who studies past lives and why reports from children are so compelling.

Part III - Sit in with Chion during her past life regression in Old Saybrook with Patty Hall.

"The Regression Session"

an Apple Podcast

     with host Ian Roth

and guest Patty Hall

April 1, 2023 episode


Exploring Healing Through

Past Life Regression



  Sit in with Ian and Patty in an hour long     

    discussion about the nature of past life    

    regression as a therapy.

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