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Welcome to a myriad of mind and consciousness expanding and self-growth classes and workshops. All classes taught by Patty Hall unless otherwise specified.

Begins Feb. 6, 2024
12 weeks live on Zoom - all classes are recorded
Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm

Learn to read an astrology chart

       Have you always wanted to learn how to do Astrology but don't know where to start?  We start from the very beginning and go step by step through the creation of a chart and then learn all the parts that go into reading a chart, the  Signs, planets, houses, and aspects.

      By the end of class you will know how to go about reading a chart and how to find information in a book or online that is relevant to a chart so you can continue your study.

      Focus is on learning the archetypes of the Signs as they are the key to understanding al the components of the chart.   $295



How to work with disembodied spirits and help them lovingly move on

4 Day Workshop

March 16-17, 2024 - Working with the Ancestors

April 20-21, 2024 - Working with the Others

     Spirits are all around us and affect the living. In addition, there are those that live on the earthly plane that just need help crossing over.  
    In Shamanism, this would be called Psychopomp and Extraction, and sometimes includes Soul Retrieval.

     In this class, you'll learn about soul loss and soul fragmentation and the role trauma plays.

     Inter-generational trauma can greatly be shifted and healed using this work.  Help release family patterns that affect the living by helping those who have passed on.  Ancestors often want to "help" their descendants but end up bringing their baggage with them and continue to influence the living.   

Learn to work with clients and family members in a therapeutic setting through demonstrations using attendees and through supervised pair work.

   Topics include how to recognize someone who is affected by those in the unseen world as well as how to lovingly and compassionately help them disengage from the client and the earthly plane.

This course is open to practitioners in the helping and healing professions such as:

  • Psychotherapists (MFT, LCSW, LPC, MA)

  • Psychologists

  • Hypnotherapists

  • Psychics, Ghost hunters

  • Past Life Regression Therapists

  • Energy Workers / Healers / Body Workers, Reiki

  • Nurses / Hospice Workers

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Ministers / Spiritual Counselors



Saturday, March 2, 2024  $150   

Part I - Meeting Your Power Animal and the Three World

Date tba

Part 2 -  The Four Directions  $150

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      Learn to travel to non-ordinary reality and meet your spirit guides in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds and the Four Directions. They've been waiting to teach you,  guide you, and help you find answers to questions that will help you grow personally, emotionally and spiritually and even physically.

      This class creates an excellent foundation for all other spiritual work. You'll be able to integrate all other work that you do with journeying and make it more powerful.

Return of the Ancient Healer
Drum and Rattle Making Workshop

March 23, 2024     10am - 4pm

Registration deadline is March 7, 2024 as drum kits have to be ordered and prepped for class

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

A full day of interactive activities and experience that will help you step into your natural intuitive self and TRUST IT!

Date tba

two women at a table.jpeg

Our goal in this workshop is to bring OUT of you and help you find out how YOU work!

How do you connect with spirit?

     Trusting your intuition is a cornerstone to building your spiritual awareness, personal growth, self esteem and personal power and is a guide in learning to following your soul's purpose.  Your intuition is the mechanism the soul uses to communicate with spirit as well as itself.

       So many times clients reflect and say, "I should have listened to my intuition!" After multiple times of not listening to your intuition, it's easy to disconnect from it or forget how to do it. Trusting your intuition is a leap of faith for many, while for others it's a natural flow. 

      In this workshop, you'll experience exercise after exercise to bring you through a process of trusting your intuition so you can begin to use it naturally at all times. Our intuition exists to keep us safe. It alerts us of information we need for our own protection and insight.

**Please bring an ancestral photo with you and an object for psychometry that can fit in a small lunch bag.     

This is an in-person, live workshop with Patty Hall, Soul Healer and Medium.


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