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Upcoming 2023

Trust Your Intuition Workshop

Saturday March 15, 2023    10-5pm

 Learn to listen to your inner voice

in this spiritual play day!

Hands-on interactive experience with all types of activities to hone your intuitive skills and come out confident in using them.

your ability to use them.

Join Co-hosts

Patty Hall, Soul Healer, Medium and

Tracy Ann, Psychic Medium

$150 per person


Bring a photo of a passed on loved one and  an item that belongs to someone you know that can fit in a small lunch bag.


Basic Shamanic Journeying

Spring Equinox Workshop

2 Day Workshop 

March 18-19, 2023

April 22-23, 2023

Sat-Sun  10am-6pm


Click here for more info

$295 per person

Shamanic journeying is the most direct route to taking control of your own spirituality by way of self revelation. 

Learn how to trust your own intuition and get grounded.

Journeying is a  foundation upon which all healing modalities can be built upon because it establishes and creates your direct connection to the Divine and the greater consciousness. Find out how everything you've already learned fits into the bigger picture.


Class size is limited to 4.

** Waiting List:  If a class is sold out and you'd like to attend, please let me know. Sometimes spaces become available at the last minute.



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Astrology Astrodrama Workshop

Saturday and Sunday April 29-30


One or Two Days

Day 1 - Getting a sense and feel for the energy of all the signs, elements, polarities

Day 2 - Astrodrama - we do a full costumed playing of each attendees' charts. See your planets in action!  To sign up for Day 2 only you need to have some knowledge of Astrology. 











Live on Zoom!
Beginning Astrology Course

A study through film and photo

12  weeks    7:30-9:30pm
tba nights beginning



(If you're interested in taking this class at the next cycle, which will start in the spring,

please email me 

We'll start from the very beginning and take you right through every step of the way from Creating a Chart, understanding the 12 Signs, the Planets, the Houses  and Aspects. Learn how they show the nature of the psyche and how it works, as well as illuminating issues and your naturally flowing attributes.


A live online Zoom course in Astrology that starts from the very beginning. All classes will be recorded so you don't have to worry about missing one. You can catch it on Google Drive. 

In this class you'll get a "feeling" for the signs and planets through film and photos that exemplify the character of each sign to give you a meaningful reference for remembering all of the signs. Gain a working knowledge and understanding of Astrology from the creation of a chart right through to interpreting it. You'll be taken step by step through the signs, planets, houses and aspects and how to decipher what they mean. 


You'll emerge having learned enough to further your studies on your own and focus on an area of personal interest.

Focus will be on how to look at a chart and understand all of the components so you have enough knowledge to study further. Focus will be on reading a chart to understand a person's natural flow so that you can support them, even if that person is YOU! 

This course is particularly helpful for those in the therapy, teaching and healing fields.

Click here for more information
$325  per person
Cancellation Policy
Workshop fees are non-refundable for cancellations with less than a week notice . 

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