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June 3, 2023   10:00 am - 4:30 pm

"Return of the Ancient Healer"

Experience the transformative power of creating a drum and rattle, not as a "craft" but rather as a ritual of "becoming" as you step deeper into your calling as a healer and the embracing of your true self.

Pre-requisite: Basic Shamanic Journeying I

Last day to register and order drum kits is May 19, 2024

Join us for an unforgettable Shamanic Drum Making workshop where you can create your own drum and rattle in a sacred space. This experience will allow you to connect with the seen and unseen worlds like never before. Don't miss out on unique opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice.

Instructions for ordering your drum kit are below.

Registration and payment must be received by May 19, 2024


     The drum is the instrument of travel for the shaman to heal on behalf of themselves or for others. The drum shifts consciousness and moves energy. In shamanism, the beat of 180-250 beats per minute shifts the consciousness of the journeyer putting them in a trance state and thus able to access another reality.     

     Additionally, the acoustic and rhythmic drumming is known to have sound healing properties. Sound moves energy, accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system.  It reduces tension, anxiety and stress and creates a deep relaxed state.

      Anyone called to this work remembers on some level a lifetime where they have been so connected to the land in the way we work during the Shamanic Journey Workshop. What we don't always remember is who we were or when we were or where we were.   This memory emerges during this workshop as the soul is re-awakened to its calling and memory as an Ancient Healer.  The body remembers...the soul remembers...the heart remembers and it longs to embrace what has been calling them for lifetimes.

This workshop included five journeys:

      1. journey to the vision and sound of your drum and rattle

      2. Journey to the animals whose skin graces your drums and rattles and thus becomes the sound of your healing voice.

      3.  Journey to the trees that  have given part of itself to be a drum rim and rattle handle

      4.   Journey to present your drum and rattle in the North

     5.   Journey to the ancient time when you were a healer.

We will do 5-6 journeys in all.


Basic Shamanic Journeying

Ordering Your Drum and Registering for the Class

Choosing a drum is one of personal preference. A standard Journey drum is 16" and usually made of deer. It has a higher pitch than Elk, which has a rich deep tone. Horse also has a higher pitch than Elk


In workshops and in sound healing, I use elk.  My drum that is painted with the animals is a 20" Elk with a 2.5" wide rim and has a deep resonant sound.  My 16" elk also has a deep sound but is not quite as deep as the 20."

Your drum kit comes with the skin, wood frame, lacing, and makings for the beater.

The rattle includes your choice of heads, sticks, and all decorations.

If you would like to make a second (or even third!) rattle you can do so for $45ea.

Prices below include:

  • Drum hide, lacing, frame, beater stick and drum head

  • Rattle head, stick and all elements to decorate your rattle

  • Workshop fee - includes 5-6 journeys

  • Tax


Prices are subject to change if material prices or shipping go up or down.  Prices are current as of 03-11-2024. I will update as the time gets nearer.  If there is an overage (most likely due to shipping rates fluctuating) the balance will be refunded to you.

Drum kits can take a couple of weeks to come in.


Cancellation policy:  There are no returns on drums once they are ordered.   Once the kits come in, I still have prep work to do on them prior to the class to get them ready for March 23, 2024. Therefore if you cancel the class, you will not get a refund. You will, however, receive your drum kit along with a beater and rattle head so you can make them on your own. 


Payments can also be made via PayPal, Venmo or Cashapp or I can take a card on the phone.

Venmo: Patricia-Hall-103

Cashapp: $mysoulhealer


Choose from the following sizes and please email me at and let me know what drum size and skin type you want so we have a written order.

17" Deodar Cedar rim with elk, deer horse - $410     

18" *Willow Oak rim with Elk, deer, horse - $385

20" *Willow Oak rim with Elk, deer, horse - $415

Additional rattle the day of the workshop - $45

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The magical act of creating the drum bonds you with this “medicine” and you learn to work with the drum as it teaches the ever-changing laws of nature..."

Patrick Pinson

Creating the Sacred Rattle

There will be plenty of pre-made rattle heads to choose from in a variety of sizes and skins, both Bear and Elk and a variety of rattle sticks. You will assemble and decorate them in a meditative sacred space. Colorful Feathers, beads, crystals, paint, and leather will be available as well as other miscellaneous items. 

If there is anything special you have that you want to make sure goes on your rattle you are welcome to bring it. There will be plenty of supplies on hand to decorate your rattles.  You are also welcome to purchase the makings for an additional rattle the day of the workshop for $45.00.   

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