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My spiritual journey has been life-long. I was connected to spirit from as early as I can remember and had past life memories in the form of dreams and spontaneous awarenesses from at least age 3. 


My mother was very connected spiritually and she often talked about it with me.  She had had a very profound spiritual experience as a young girl and it formed the basis of her spirituality throughout her life and in turn, became the basis of mine. It was from her that I learned the essence of shamanism and our ability to have a direct relationship with the Divine. Her faith and experience translated to me as an unshakeable and profound sense of what true “faith” is. 


My Great Aunt Barbara was a professional medium and Tea Leaf reader in the 1930's in upstate Western New York. Upstate New York has a long spiritual history in the development of Spiritualism in this United States.  My mom recalled that Aunt Barb had her own Tea Room and people would drive up all day in gangster-like cars to get their tea leaves read. By the age of 12 my mom set the tables for Aunt Barb readying them for each reading. I can only imagine how much she saw and experienced. She was immersed in the world of energy exchange and reception and didn't realize it wasn't something everyone did.


I began studying astrology in high school. I dated someone who was a great astrologer for his age, as well as his being very knowledgeable about Eastern thought and mysticism. We spent a lot of time together and it afforded me a unique philosophical education at a very formative time of my life.


It was the early 70’s and TM (Transcendental Meditation), yoga, and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi were taking America by storm.  I was doing yoga in the 60’s after having sent $2 cash in an envelope, directly to India, for a book. The cash made it the whole way without being stolen and the book arrived in pristine condition. Mostly photos, and little text, it was enough to get on the path.  It was unknown here at the time and I found I could do many of the more difficult strength poses. I continued them for years  before it became mainstream.


In the late 90’s I was bringing workshops to Connecticut featuring Bob Proctor (author of The Secret) and Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology. I met Patricia Walsh ( who subsequently authored "Understanding Karmic Complexes") at this workshop. During the workshop I had a spontaneous past life experience triggered by an incident on site and Pat quickly facilitated a session on the spot.  I knew at that moment I wanted to do this work. With her recommendation, I was able to begin study with Dr. Roger Woolger for the next eight years and was certified in Deep Memory Process by May of 2004.  In addition to Roger Woolger’s course in Deep Memory Process, I also took his courses in Ancestral Healing and the Release of Disembodied Spirits, as well as The Shadow workshops.  I accumulated over 320 class hours with Dr. Woolger and 120 with Patricia Walsh as I assisted her at a few trainings and served for some time as a DMP Student Mentor and served a few years on the International Deep Memory Process Board. 

I have close to 20 years experience in this field. In addition I wrote a few articles for the Deep Memory Process Magazine. One article was on Soul Retrieval and is featured here on this website. Another article was written about doing past life regression on dogs. They are incredibly intuitive.


At that same workshop I met and studied to be a Reiki Master with another beautiful soul, now departed, Christine Borkowski.


Following my regression study with Dr. Woolger, I studied modalities that were relevant to the work. I became a Certified Hypnotherapist (so I could learn why DMP was not hypnosis) as well as spent several years in private study learning Shamanism.  It was through this shamanic work that I got the greatest understanding of the finer workings of Deep Memory Process and its potential to truly shift energy on a major level through Soul Retrieval (retrieving lost pieces of soul) and psychopomp (guiding souls across to the spirit world). These two processes rang so true to my own soul that I can’t not do this work. It has been a true calling and nothing less.


I also spent 17 years working with disability and Special Ed students, in particular, Autistic boys between K-5. It was wonderful work that helped me really learn how to teach in a way that was both intuitive, but also multi-sensory.  When you walk into my space you notice the remnants of those experiences and has helped make my workshops both educational, fun and most importantly making difficult concepts easy to understand so people can learn to apply them in their own life. 

In 2009, I took my first trip to Arizona to work with shamanic healer and sage Clay Lomakayu. It would be one of several trips and ultimately the beginning of a great collaboration between the two of us.  In 2014, with over a year of focused and intense work, with his writing and my editing we were finally able to bring Clay's work into book form as Medicine of One.

While working, we both immersed ourselves into the energies of each chapter. While Clay was writing and doing companion videos, I was immersed in the energy of each chapter as if in a live theater version of the book.  This helped me understand the nature of his work. We published Medicine of One in Dec 2014 and then two years later we published One Noble Truth.  The growth I experienced from working with Clay closely for years now has been unparalleled in my life. His work with the land and Circles has slowly worked its way into my own work. In 2020, we completed a third book, The Big I. 


Through out all of these experiences my soul has evolved into what it is today as both healer and multi-media artist - two balancing sides of the same coin. I am always on the lookout for each day's lesson, synchronicity, blessing, or miracle... and I have been shown over and over that they always come.


Certified  in Past Life Regression Therapy, Deep Memory Process


Certified Ancestral Healing - including healing family karma, unhealthy  family patterns as well as Psychopomp (helping ancestors move to the other side)


Certified Usui Reiki Master - private Reiki Healing sessions as well as Level I-III private Reiki classes


Certified Hypnotherapy


Editor: "Medicine of One"- written by Clay Lomakayu. Release date:  Dec.  2014 Available on

Editor: "One Noble Truth" - by Clay Lomakayu. Release Date: Jan. 2016 - Available on Amazon

 Editor: "The Big I" - by Clay Lomakayu 

Released: 2020 in Audible and Kindle on Amazon.

Artist website:


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