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Reviews and Testimonials

Emailed Reviews

Drea P.

I appreciate Patty and the healing service she provided as well as the knowledge about my journey. There was vulnerability in the process but Patty kept me feeling safe and comforted so I could face what my body was holding. My trauma and my pain released; my energy and soul renewed. I feel taller and lighter. Thank you Patty. I'm am grateful that the universe led me to you. ❤️ 

  Elizabeth Z, Connecticut


"I recently completed "Freeing the Ancestors and Others" workshop series with Patty  and cannot say enough about it.  Over years of learning about energy and spiritual healing, there are some courses that have led to a profound paradigm shift in my work and life.  This is one such course.  It was both powerfully healing and incredibly illuminating experience for me, and it has also been very healing for my family.  This can be sensitive work, and I am forever grateful to have found a trustworthy, safe practitioner and teacher in Patty."   


Randi M., Connecticut


You're an amazing person & I felt comfortable the first time I met you, as well as the beautiful & safe space you've created.🕯I feel so fortunate to continue life's journey learning from such a true blue & gifted healer. 💚Patty is an empathetic teacher with an understanding of the human condition who offers a most quaint safe lil space, as she walks you through a guided therapeutic healing process, using a blend of good humor while dealing w/past life trauma holistically. 💖✨️.

I've taken a few classes with Patty and  her efforts to ensure our preparedness has been greatly appreciated (given my particular learning style) & ensures our success, including the small details such as ordering lunch in advance just down the road.

Further, I’m grateful to have found such an amazing empathic & educated woman to learn astrology from, all from the comfort of my own home.


K.M., Massachusetts,


You may not remember me, but you truly helped change my life. I had a past life regression session with you last January. I was the laundry lady that was slugged on the back of the head with a stone. The one that was afraid to send a PayPal. I was so untrusting and afraid before we met but after our session I have done and experienced so much it's almost hard to remember it all. Thank you so much for bringing me back to me!

 I know I know little about all of this, but I also know what I have experienced. This has been literally life changing. I talked with my mother on the phone, and she even mentioned I "sounded different", "stronger". I am not sure if it was anything you did Monday night or if it was just the Universe letting me know it was time to get strong, but everything has change, a blinder taking off. Thank you again for all you work and time.


L.S., Connecticut

Saturday I was exhausted but felt lighter - randomly during the day I found myself smiling for no reason. I started writing in my journal and realized that some of the stories shared overlapped...which must be typical.

The most transformative feeling - I don't feel as though I am carrying shame and guilt as I did before our session -- it is the most INCREDIBLE feeling. I feel like a new and better version of myself. So grateful for our time together. I will be in touch to schedule another session.

Thank you so much! 

Z.P. New Hampshire


Hey Patty, I just want to shout out and tell you how much yesterday changed my tomorrows. I appreciate you and the service you offer. You are very well versed in the verses!  I will be residing in the new me for a bit and would love another session in the near future. THANK YOU, PATTY!


S.M., CT


Thankyou so much for giving me such a memorable experience,  Patty! I am grateful for everything you've done."

T.B. San Francisco, CA


Hi Patty!  I had an appointment with you I think last year?  I’m sorry I dropped the ball in following up.  I’ve been processing it all!  The appointment was very helpful and the most intensive Psychotherapy anyone could imagine! It changed who I am and how I see the world.  It’s lead to yoga teacher training in Point Reyes California, which is in its 3rd intense week, one week left.  Obviously with all the meditation and shivasanas the metaphysical world is opening up.  I hope to see you again this winter, and am grateful for your help!  


Rachele P., CT


I really enjoyed working with Patty. She gave me lots of insights into dynamics and patterns that don’t allow me to live fully. I appreciated her lightness and, when needed, her firmness. I really felt guided throughout the session. She allowed the healing to happen without worrying too much of the time it took. It was a wholesome experience : )


H.S. Massachusetts


It was wonderful to meet you. Thank you for the shamanic journey. I woke up the next day feeling like I could jump over a rainbow.  I have learned so much to take with me during these next 6 months. Actually each day I use the skills I learned with you. Thank you again.


Donna L., 10-24-2020

I wish I had seen Patty years ago. I would have saved myself decades of pain and suffering. She made connections between events that I would never have made on my own. What was once in pieces is now whole. Many thanks Patty!

Tracy Ann,


I recently took part in a Shamanic journey meditation event to connect to my power animal (or animal spirit guide). We all have spirit guides during our life on earth, and, yes, animals can be our guides!

What fascinating animal would come through me during this power animal meditation? Maybe a stealthy lion? How about a sleek panther? A grand-looking wolf with piercing eyes? Perhaps a lofty, soaring eagle? Nope! I had a slow-moving, ginormous water buffalo walk up to me! How anticlimactic! A water buffalo? Throughout the rest of the day’s journey meditations into the spirit realms, I had to walk alongside this gentle giant. I could feel his thick fur. He had a musky odor to him, but with his striking crown of curved horns, he had a stately handsomeness! By the end of my meditation event, this big guy was starting to grow on me!

During a final meditation, I was guided to walk into the light of heaven next to my big-horned buddy. As I entered the light of Heaven’s realm, I saw my own deceased son, Eric, in spirit wearing a robe. I was overjoyed! My son was smiling, his blue eyes sparkling, and with his typical sense of humor, he said, “Mom, seriously?! A water buffalo?” I nearly cracked up during my meditation, which would have been so inappropriate! My son would always make me laugh. I remember him cracking me up during his chemo sessions.

I looked up the spiritual significance of the water buffalo. He represents strength, service, dedication, connection to earth, and abundance. He is considered a sacred creature, and if you are blessed to see him in a vision, you will have prosperity. In Southeast Asia, the water buffalo is thought to help carry the dead to heaven. He also signifies the “piece of the greater whole.”

I’ll take him any day as my power animal. In the words of my ever-humorous sister, Kelly perhaps I can now be an honorary member of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble’s Water Buffalo Lodge!

    I adore this lady, Patty Kay Hall.  She is an amazing lady and a wonderful teacher. She has a refreshing sense of humor and is grounded and so very knowledgeable. I’m going to be taking more classes with her! I’m going to be creating my own drum with her to use in meditations. I’m also learning how to read astrological charts from her. Past life regression will be a DEFINITE with Patty, as well! Let the learning journey unfold! Thank you, Patty!

Katie J, Chicago, IL


After losing my beloved pet, Pepper, Patty facilitated a psychopomp session to help guide her to the other side. This is a component of shamanism and Patty is a consummate professional. Afterwards, I feel certain my beloved companion's soul is with her family and friends where she was meant to be. I also feel content that I was able to say goodbye in a meaningful way and received a surplus of love and solace from all who were in attendance. Patty is so warm and creative in her processes, I strongly recommend her shamanic abilities in any capacity!

T.G., CT


My experience was phenomenal. It is hard to put into words something so personal, but if you can be open to finding answers, Patty can guide you through a memorable experience.

Megan B., Middletown, CT


"I did my first past life regression with Patty during a big time of questioning in my life. The results that I got were not anywhere close to what I had expected, but they were everything I needed. Patty was able to guide me through such an intense experience, and the medicine she offered me continues to play a role in my life months later (and will continue to). I can't begin to describe how beneficial this experience was. She is a down to earth professional, who exudes warmth and will make you feel at home in your own incarnation. She knows how to hold space so that you feel safe enough to meet yourself in ways you never have before. Now more than ever we can all benefit from this work, and Patty is easily one of the best souls to work with if you are looking for support in the process of coming home to yourself."



I did a past life regression/soul retrieval session with Patty in July 2019. For most of my life I had felt lost, lonely and disconnected from people. I decided to do a regression in an attempt to find the root of my issues. Spirit guided me to Patty, and I am so grateful. Patty is a kind and compassionate woman and an amazing healer. I felt that she truly cared about me and my well-being. She provided a safe place for me to work out my trauma, and she made me feel protected as she guided me through my past lives. I found I had suffered recurring patterns of trauma throughout many lives, and she helped me to retrieve those pieces of my soul that I had lost over those lifetimes. She also helped me work through a traumatic experience from my current life, and I was finally able to free myself from the shame and grief that I have carried with me for literally decades. Patty explained to me at the end of the session, that sometimes it can take months to fully process and integrate the parts of my soul that came back to me. It has now been six months since I did the regression, and I have seen some pretty amazing changes in my life. I no longer feel disconnected or lost. I have healed my victim mentality and have become more confident. I now know my self-worth. In fact, I have been able to finally manifest the perfect job for me after being in a job for over a decade that made me feel victimized and small. I'm just so happy. My advice is that If you are willing to open yourself fully to the process and allow yourself to just flow with it and follow Patty’s instructions without judgement, true healing can take place. It did for me.

Katie J., Chicago, IL


Patty is an accomplished shaman and teacher; the whole enchilada!
I am so grateful for her straightforward, grounded way of teaching. An expert in her field and an unsung hero for those that are seeking a personal experience with selfless assistance.
I will return again and again, happily.

Natalie L., Branford, CT


Patty is such an amazing teacher and person, not to mention an unbelievably talented artist! You can feel her warmth the second you meet her. I went to one of her weekend workshops totally blind, knowing absolutely nothing and feeling very nervous. She not only made me feel comfortable, but I felt like I had known her my entire life and trusted her immediately. From the moment I emailed her asking about the workshop, Patty made me feel right at home. I would suggest if your even just curious to go see her! Her knowledge and true compassion towards helping others is a gift to witness and I hope to be able to learn a fraction of what she knows.




My regression session with Patty has changed my life in many positive ways! It’s hard to put into words. A huge weight has been lifted off my heart. I no longer feel anything holding me back from fulfilling my life’s purpose. Because of her help, I actually feel so free and truly myself. It is amazing!
Through this past life regression, I was also able to help heal a family member, as well as provide guidance to a loved one to help them in their personal journey.
I can’t thank Patty enough for her help and guidance. She is a shining light- a soul healer - a beautiful individual!

N. B.


Thank you so much for meeting with me today. I had a wonderful and healing experience. I really appreciate the time you took with me. Thank you for drawing cards with me too! I hope to come back again sometime to learn more... I handled a situation much differently than I normally would have ...I really look forward to positive change!! 

L. R.


Thank you again, sincerely, for your time, attention, and care. I am glad that I found you and glad that I did the session.
Perhaps you'll remember the neuromuscular condition I described (tightness in the muscles, slow release of initial contraction), which we hoped might be freed up.  I do think I perceive a lessening of it. The evening of the session, I was much looser, for sure...Most of all, I am 'being with' the idea of being unbound, free of obstruction or restraints. That is the main message/experience of the session for me. I'm renewing my intention to listen to my heart more...
and to seek to live abundantly.It's not entirely clear exactly what it means to do/be each of those. But I'm seeking to look through those lenses.Thank you again, Patty, for your kind and attentive work.


Jo G, Uncasville, CT


I had an amazing past life regression therapy session with Patty. She made me feel very safe and comfortable during the process and took her time with me. I discovered a lot about myself during our session. She was kind and patient as we explored, regressed, healed, and processed. Prior to my session I felt decades of life, traumas, experiences, stress, anxiety, and fear weighing me down to the point where it was becoming difficult to balance life, I felt lost and disconnected from myself. Post session I feel the hugest weight lifted from me, an energy shift, lighter, more at peace, confident, I can think clearer, I feel more comfortable in my own skin. It feels as though the core of my being is calm and safe. It’s a very cool and different feeling and mindset. I reconnected with myself, my higher self. The session gave me understandings I never knew existed. And I can’t thank Patty enough!


Pam R., Groton, CT


An amazing experience with Patty. Her knowledge and background in the field are superb. Be ready for change!


Barbara. L., Clinton, CT


I’ve worked with Patty Kay Hall on past life regression therapy, shamanic training and Reiki training. I’ve also had Reiki healing from Patty. Her training and background is multi-faceted and Patty puts her all in every session she does. Her work is enlightening, growth inducing and very deep. I have had Reiki from other practitioners but they all pale in comparison to the Reiki Patty performs. I highly recommend working with Patty. You will be delighted!

R. P.

Aug 2, 2019

​I did a past life regression/soul retrieval session with Patty. When I was in my early 20s, I had a flash of a past life, but I never did a regression to investigate it. Fast forward 30 years and I realized that for most of my life I have felt lost, lonely and disconnected from the world. I finally decided that the time was right to do a regression. Spirit guided me to Patty, and I am so grateful. Patty is a kind and compassionate woman and an amazing healer. I felt that she truly cared about me and my wellbeing during our session. I felt safe and protected with her as she guided me to view my past lives. She helped me to retrieve those pieces of my soul that I had lost over several lifetimes. She also helped me work through a traumatic experience from my current life, and I was finally able to free myself from the shame and grief that I have carried with me for literally decades. I am eternally grateful. If you are willing to open yourself to the process and allow yourself to just flow with it and follow Patty’s instructions without judgement, true healing can take place. Thank you Patty!


Mar 21, 2019

​My experience with Patty was amazing! I tend to be in my own head a lot and I’ll admit there were many time where I thought I had to be making things up as I went. I wasn’t as trusting of the process as I thought I would be, but as I kept doubting myself Patty encouraged me to trust the process.

Janet M.

Feb 17, 2019

I had a great session regressing and healing a long time issue/pattern I’ve been repeating. I highly recommend Patty, and will be working with her again soon. Thank you, Patty! 💕

Jeff Y., Ledyard, CT

Mar 18, 2017

Patty was absolutely amazing. She was very professional and informative. The whole experience was much more than I anticipated.

Stacy M., New London, CT


Wonderfully Rewarding
I took the Shamanic Journeying workshop with Patty a few weeks ago and it was an amazingly profound and eye opening experience. I have just started working on my spiritual journey so I came to this workshop knowing nothing about Shamanism--or much of anything else for that matter. After the workshop I now have the tools I received from my guides to assist me as I continue on my spiritual journey. It was emotional, it was personally challenging at times but wonderfully rewarding. Patty is amazing and this workshop changed my outlook and changed my life. Thank you so much Patty!


Gerry B. 12-07-2016, Griswold, CT

Blood pressure finally down
I’ve known Patty for about 25 years.  I lost touch with her for about 18 of those years and I found that during that time she had rekindled her path as a healer and artist.  I have seen some of her beautiful paintings online and wanted to find out about the other thing she was doing with the healing.  Over the past 16 years she had become a Reiki master and I didn’t really know what that entailed. I thought it would be interesting to meet Patty once again and try this Reiki thing.
Well, after an unforgettable experience, extreme relaxation, and the comforting touch of Patty. The next day I took my blood pressure and I noticed that my blood pressure was a lot lower than it usually is.  I have always been athletically inclined and am an avid weight lifter, runner, etc.  I check my blood pressure 3x a day and keep a close watch on all of my numbers.  In one day I cut my blood pressure medication in half and monitored it closely, confident that it was the Reiki that created the shift.  I didn’t really want to have to go in daily for a Reiki session and called Patty. She said let’s just watch and see how long it lasts.  It’s now 5 weeks later and my blood pressure is still being maintained at half its dose and I am elated.  Remember everyone can travel the same path and end up in a different place.  So lower blood pressure was my place, what will yours be?  Thank you so much, Patty

Fran. D.,  Lyme, CT


Thankyou for your insight
Patty is a true healer, in every sense of the word. Both the past life regression and Reiki session not only gave me some very much needed insight but also healing and answers. I cannot thank Patty enough. She is truly one of my angels that has been placed in my path to help me this lifetime.


Barbara T., Enfield, CT


Although I've always believed in reincarnation I never thought that my current life challenges could be resulting from past life experiences. I was led to Patty by Spirit and had a single past life regression session with her about a month ago. During the session much was revealed. In the week following a lot of things connected for me beyond what we initially discovered. A month later I find myself involuntarily releasing stuck and pent up energies. People around me are commenting on my positive energy flow and telling me to get trained in Reiki. My hands are humming with energy. This has never happened before. I plan on training in Reiki and other modalities with Patty. She is exquisitely trained, knowledgeable, passionate and caring. I urge you to work with Patty if you are so inclined. You will be profoundly moved and healed. 

E. P., Norwich, CT


I feel a lightness I have never felt before
I had a past life regression healing with Patty this past Friday.  I attended her workshop on Past Life Regression and was very curious as I have been "stuck" and in a rut for quite some time.  Well, let me tell you.  I was in for a very big surprise.  I became aware of a man from my past I was married to that physically abused me and raped me.  When I arrived for my healing my right shoulder blade and right arm were extremely painful.  It was discovered he used a hammer or something to hit me repeatedly on the shoulder blade and he broke my right arm.  As a part of the regression Patty did a lot of healing work in the afterlife and three soul retrievals where we all went to the light. She also disengaged where the abusive husband was attached to me.  I was extremely emotional after and very light headed but that subsided by the next day.  I was still emotional for a few days after, but today I feel a lightness I have never felt before.  I am more aware, my sense of smell is very strong now for some reason and I am happy to get back on my path of spirituality.  Patty was excellent.  I felt safe, and she was so supportive she followed up with me the next several days.  I highly recommend a Past Life Regression treatment.  You will  not be sorry.  I look forward to attending her upcoming workshops.


John R., Johnstown, PA

June 18, 2016
I worship the ground you made me walk on
  With you as my guide, I began to become consciously aware of my "lives" and their relationship to my unresolved issues in my present life.  You created a bridge of trust to a peaceful place within my Soul that had lain hidden and forgotten.  You walked with me along the path to reconciliation with my Soul, with my Self. You are truly a caring and gifted individual  blessed with a strong connection to Spirit, a true heart filled with love, and a highly intuitive nature.  My personal growth and healing gifts have been revitalized through your loving and encouraging presence.  You have been an integral part of my own spiritual awakening and journey.

Ann S., Hartford, CT

May 16, 2016

Patty is a warm and caring practitioner who's expertise encompasses a number of healing modalities. She is candid and supportive, and offers insights that reflect her understanding of the 'layers' of human conditioning. Throughout the journey she steps in as a trusted guide and companion, yet her focus is entirely on her client. She is sincere in her desire to help others experience true freedom.

Deirdre M., Bow, New Hampshire

May 8, 2016

Patty is extremely gifted. Her deep memory healing work is quite amazing and for one who resists this type of work for many reasons than I can count right here, I found our last session awe inspiring. She brought out of me some very deep memories that had been completely locked away inside of me and probably would not have seen the light of day had she not led me in the safe and gentle way she has, using her gift with reverence and respect. I cannot speak highly enough of Patty. She is kind, loving, very gifted in what she does and I highly recommend her without reservation.

Amy C., Amston, CT

May 18, 2016

She found a way to weave through time and explore past life wounds. This in turn led to an amazing healing process.

Mark B.,  West Palm Beach, FL

May 11, 2016

I'm 63 years old and have spent a whole life searching for truth, answers, and pathways to enlightenment. In Patty Hall I found the guide I was looking for. To say she is unique in her knowledge and methods would be a supreme understatement. Her intuitive talent for assessing my needs put me at ease while her uncanny ability to apply the most effective methods to suit my journey was a gift when I most needed it. I suffered from claustrophobia and anxiety my entire life and in less than three hours they were permanently lifted. Patty is a brilliant past life regression therapist. On more than one occasion I found myself experiencing rapid profound healings that offered me great insight the likes of which I have never experienced and I have worked with a lot of different types of healers over the years. I was astonished and I was empowered! I consider myself very fortunate for having my life touched by her work. I finally found the key that opened the door to myself. 

Lynne M., Ledyard, CT

May 14, 2016

I had a wonderful past life regression session with Patty Hall. She was able to regress me back to a past life that was quite a vivid and intense experience. Patty has great expertise and intelligence as a therapist and she conducts her sessions in a loving, caring and compassionate way. I feel that this experience has helped to begin a healing process in me and that the therapy is helping me to resolve issues which are impacting my present life. Since my session, I feel less restricted and shy and more confident in myself and I attribute this to my past life regression therapy with Patty. I highly recommend Patty Hall as a past life regression therapist.

Aubrey K., Old Saybrook, CT


Understood my pain
"To heal oneself, a person takes not only time but also a lot of work. Incidents happen when we least expect them.  In each and every persons life something happens which will effect them for the rest of their lives.   After going through a traumatic event in my life, Patty came into my life through a friend. She understood the pain I was going through and helped me ease my way into peace with what had happened in my life at that time.       After leaving my session, my heart felt full again and not achey.  Patty also taught me a lot of other lessons in the whole process.     I highly recommend Patty for not only having someone to connect to and talk with on a lot of different levels but also for someone to heal you and help you with whatever is going on in your life.  I will be continuing to have sessions with Patty to help me get through this difficult time in my life.

Ellen G.


Nov 4, 2015

Jean M.


           "I have known Patty for over 10 years and find her to be extremely knowledgeable and competent and would highly recommend her as a past life regression therapist. Both my husband and I have had past life regression therapy sessions with Patty and they were very positive experiences for both of us. Her therapy helped us to attain a deeper awareness, understanding, and knowledge of who we are."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  Sharon M., Brattleboro, VT                                                                                                        

 12- 29 - 2015                                                                                                                                                                                           "I have worked with Patty several times with her deep regression and ancestral work. It was so insightful and helpful to me in understanding the issues that I have been struggling with for so long. I highly recommend her for her thoughtfulness and thoroughness in this work."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Ellen P., Groton, CT


              "I recently brought a friend to see you who was in crisis and I knew it was related to a past life.  Through Deep Memory Process you were able to access the wounded child and it was amazing to watch!  Crisis over!  I was totally impressed with your abilities and capability.  I have since sent several friends to you and each has come back with the same amazing results." 


                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lynn A.


  "I have had several past life regression sessions with Patty Hall and found the therapy to be both a healing and memorable experience. What makes Patty Hall unique as a past life regression therapist, is her deep intuition and her ability to connect with higher energies. She conducts the therapy in a loving, caring, and compassionate way and shows great empathy for her clients. Patty was able to regress me back to a past life in which I was a healer and although visualizing is somewhat difficult for me, through her expertise, it turned out to be a vivid and amazing journey. The experiences have helped me to understand how my past lives can impact me in this life and prevent me from reaching my full potential.  They have also helped me to further develop my creativity and sensitivity and enabled me to be a stronger person.  I am looking forward to having more past life regression sessions with Patty in the future.  I highly recommend Patty Hall as a past life regression therapist."



Renee W, Las Vegas, NV


           "Just want to say thank you for coming back into my life.  This is just what I need right now.  I am so rejuvenated and feeling that I am able to conquer whatever I set my mind to do.  The last few hours spent with you have been extremely enlightening and gosh darn it - I feel GREAT!  I sincerely hope you realize how much your gift means to me."


Charles E.,  Windsor, CT


Very thorough
"Patty is a conscientious practitioner who has worked extensively to achieve a high level of quality in her past life regression work. She genuinely cares about her clients and about the integrity around the process. She puts her heart into her work and she has a strong and wise sense of spirituality."           

                                                                                                                                                                                        S. J.      S.J., East Lyme, CT                                                                                                                                                     


 "You're like a big giant x-ray machine. You see right through me... right through my soul...right through my heart."


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