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Beginner's Astrology
The Signs, Planets, Houses


Tuesday nights 7:30-9:30 live on Zoom

  Next Class Begins Jan 2025  for 12 weeks  - 1 sign each week   $295

All classes will be recorded for later viewing

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Once you register, please email me to confirm your registration and forward your phone/text number. Please be sure to add me to your Contacts so my emails come through with class information, homework, zoom links.

Have you always wanted to learn how to do Astrology but don't know where to start? 

We'll take it step by step and go through all the components of a chart so it all makes sense.  Get a "feel" for the planets, signs and houses through film, photos, and discussion of your charts


Astrology is a window to the soul and psyche.  Fast track your own personal growth as well as working with family, friends and clients by finding out what's making them "tick" and what yours and their soul purpose is in this lifetime. This helps you interact with people in a more supportive and proactive way.


A basic working knowledge of Astrology helps you look at a chart and know how to find the components you need to get the information you want.

Astrology can be a bit overwhelming to learn on your own as there is so much information to sort through.

 People ask me "How do you even know where to look or what to even ask when I'm trying to do a search online?" 


We're KEEPING IT SIMPLE!!!  Through the use of videos, pictures, live demonstrations and discussion you'll learn to get a "feel" for the signs and what's going on in the chart.

This class focuses on helping you get a basic but comprehensive working knowledge.


This is a live class and we'll work with student charts who are on the live class for our examples. With the tools you'll learn, you'll be able to continue to study on your own or enter a more advanced class.

The more you learn each week, you'll find you resonate with different aspects of astrology more than others and your special interest emerges. Astrology is like medicine in that it's an incomprehensibly vast field that you can study for life.


For me, the value of astrology is to expand not only self knowledge but also offering awareness of others and what their soul has come into this life to do. By knowing this, it It enhances our ability to interact with people in a positive way, by not expecting them to do something they're either not capable of but not even inclined to do. Learn how the different signs approach various aspects of life so that your expectations are in alignment with what people are capable of doing and giving...and what the soul is here to do in this lifetime.

I use Astrology with every client I have. It gives me a quick and concise understanding of the issues we need to work with in a way that bypasses the guesswork and accelerates our healing work. 


Course Book - please purchase this book

  • The Rulership Book - Rex Bills - finding this was a gem and turned around my ability to really learn astrology.  (in top 4)


Astrology is “WORD COMBINING.”  Reading other books without having this as a reference will make it hard to get a handle on what astrology is about. This book puts everything into order so you can see what other astrologers are drawing from to do their writing. Astrologers create sentences based on combinations of words from signs, planets, houses, elements, and aspects.  This book will teach you how to “think” astrology. Other books show you examples of how the word combining is used.



Once you register, please email me to confirm your registration and forward pertinent information with regard to the class and Zoom info.

The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills available on Amazon

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