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Deep Memory Process



This is for the active seeker of therapeutic personal transformation through the process of regression to reveal unknown parts of the psyche that work in our everyday lives without our knowing it. This work intends to release karmic wounds, karmic debts, what Freud called "repetition compulsion"- stopping the patterns in life that have been "running us," soul retrieval and resolution of trauma. This work is deep, illuminating, and a full healing experience.

First time regression appointments include:

     - An intake session that includes what you're wanting to work on as well as a family history that includes major turning points, traumas, family dynamics

 A look at your astrological chart to get a foundation for the direction the soul is going in this life and to ascertain what its past struggles have been

     - The regression

     - Post session processing and  a look at how your story is playing out in this life

Why would I want to do an astrological look at the soul prior to my past life regression?

In this session we begin by looking at the soul's astrological journey. What are the patterns of  soul wounds that we've been replaying for too many lifetimes?  Why do we keep making the same mistakes? 


Someone said to me once. "I want to get off this damn merry-go-round!" That was a perfect way to explain what is happening when we keep repeating and repeating the same old stories. Freud called it "repetition compulsion."


We're bound to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again until we're aware of what it is running in the background and the nature of the source of the original wound. This is something we do in every regression session but it is also something that can be determined by looking at the person's astrological birth chart.

The value of this is that it gives us a foundation for your experience in your past life regression. It is empowering when we can see what the soul has been trying to accomplish in its seeming flip flopping between two polarities. What are the polarities in your chart?  Independence vs. being in a relationship?  Empowering the self vs. learning to give to others?  Moving out into the public life vs. learning to nurture?  Everyone has  polarities and by knowing what they are we are able to have a more clear vision of how to make decisions that will lead us to the center - the place of balance.


*When choosing an appointment date for a regression, please choose a date when you have no commitments for the rest of the day.  It becomes the number one thing on someone's mind other than what we're doing.

$350  - includes initial intake, looking at astrological chart to assess the soul's purpose followed by a past life regression.

Approx. 5 -6 hours.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to book your regression appointment.

How to Book an Appointment:

All appointments are made via phone  so we can discuss your needs regarding  scheduling and so I can get a little intake info, take a deposit. etc. 

Please call 860-514-7685 or email/text if I don't answer and leave a message with your name and phone number, and a good time to return your call .



Ancestral Healing

Working to release

Inter-generational Trauma


Working with the Ancestors is similar to a regression in process but we work directly with the ancestors via you as the medium to help illuminate, release and heal whoever is working within the family line.

Huge shifts occur for both the client and all those in the family tree who are entangled in the web of the inadvertent ancestral influences.

Please come with a simple family tree sketched out two generations back with key family members.

3-4 hrs.  $300.00



60  min. Reiki session plus post session feedback       $125

Total time is 75 including post session feedback.  If you need to have this time limited to a certain length, please let me know at the time of booking or when you arrive so I can ensure your deadline is adhered to.  Session can include sound healing with bowls, drum, bells, gong as I am moved to used them.

DOG REIKI with Intuitive Reading 

Approx. 45 min.   $95

While most dogs won't actually stay still for a "Reiki session," per se, I do an interactive approach with letting them greet first. Then we proceed with laying down, petting, hugging, laying down, and their natural movement while I tap into their energy and let them speak to me.  Prior to their arrival I will have already prepared myself and my space for Reiki.


Certification Classes

Reiki I Class - $325   One 8 hour day

Reiki I class is learning how to Reiki on oneself

Reiki II Class - $325. One 8 hour day + homework and supervised sessions. Reiki II is learning how to Reiki on others.


For students who have already taken Reiki but aren't feeling like they really learned how to do it. We will look at what you've already learned and fill in any gaps that existed in your previous program, if there were any, your own understanding of what is supposed to be happening, and supplement whatever education needs to happen to fine tune you to get that Reiki energy flowing! Focus will be on receiving and giving traditional Reiki hands on attunement, learning what energy is, how to sense it, how to direct it, traditional Usui Reiki, and receiving a 30-45 min. Reiki session at the end of the day.  Students often learn more by receiving a session than talking about one and so this becomes an important part of the learning experience.

Shamanic Reiki Integration Class $325


Reiki I and II,

Basic Shamanic Journeying

1 day of journeys for students who have taken Usui Reiki I and/or Reiki II and have also taken Shamanic Journeying but did not take Shamanic Reiki.  This class will bring another whole level of understanding of Reiki by working with your existing guides as well as the addition of meeting your Reiki Healing Helper to integrate the two modalities. This Reiki Healing Helper might be one of your existing guides in the Three Worlds or Four Directions and it may be a totally new guide.  Your new guide begins working with you in a personalized way to help bring your healing work into a new place where it is uniquely yours.

Pre-requisite: Basic Shamanic Journeying and Reiki I


Experience many of the benefits of Reiki via a remote experience either through the phone or Skype/Facetime/Zoom.  I will be using a photo of you as if you were here to send you Reiki. For best results, I ask that you sit or lie at the same time as I'm working on you so that you can be at your best to be receptive to bring about your best healing experience. 

Session includes a post session intuitive reading to let you know what I sense during your session. Clients are  encouraged to share their experience as well.

75 min.  - 60 min of Reiki and 15 min of post session feedback $125


A mediumship experience.  You may have a situation that would be more clear if you knew the perspective of the different people involved. I am able to "sit" in the energy of a person(s), a pet, a situation, or even a thing.. to be the 'medium' that lets the "dynamics" of a situation emerge for greater understanding of all the components involved. It emerges as a psychodrama that gives you an opportunity to ask questions of all the "characters" so you can get clarity.

3  hours - $300 




Astrological look at the soul's purpose,
its past lives and current life direction


This is a 60-90 min interactive discussion of your astrological chart and what the soul is working on in this life vs. the types of wounds and themes of past lives that the soul is coming from.  This session can be done via Facetime, Zoom, Messenger or over the phone. I like to see a person's face because we can get a greater feel for how it relates in this life.


Spiritual Consultation

This can cover a variety of topics, including astrology, spiritual education, life issues, consultation, spiritual mentoring and more.

$75 - 60 min

$125 - 90 min

$150  - 2 hours

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For Deposits:

Cashapp  $mysoulhealer

Venmo      Patricia-Hall-103    

                  last 4 digits of phone 7685

Paypal via CC on the phone

Shamanic Journeying -

Private Session

Shamanic journeying is different than past life work in that we are looking at the present or the future for the intention of delving deeper into specific topics. This can be equally effective in many ways as a regression, depending on the topic.

This is especially effective if you are working on a creative project, wanting to expand your healing work, or explore deeper understanding of your self and those around you with the help of your guides  in the three worlds and four directions.

But like past life work, you are expertly guided forward, with probing relevant questions that will help you grow in your chosen area.

 This session includes time for assessing what we want to accomplish through the journeying. Each journey builds on the previous one taking further and further into the depths of your goal.


For those with Basic Shamanic Journeying already under their belt, this experience is vast in scope. For those with Meet Your Power Animal under their belt they are limited to the scope of the Power Animal's expertise of Divination.


Basic Shamanic Journeying

 Half day - 3 hours - 225.00

Full day - 6 hours   $325.00

Meet Your Power Animal

Introduction to

Basic Shamanic Journeying

Meet and connect with your Power Animal.  Find out how they help you in life and get answers to questions you've been searching for.  This can be an add on to a Reiki Session

2-3 hours - $200

Deep Memory Process
Private Study and Mentoring
$75 /hr

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