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Past Life Regression

Now doing in person and remote Past Life Regressions sessions on Zoom, Messenger, or Skype or Facetime

Do you have the feeling you've lived before?


         Exploring past lives and reincarnation expands your understanding of who you currently are as much as it expands your understanding of who you were. Understanding the circumstances around past life events releases the influence that past life events may have on your current life. Freud called this tendency to repeat "repetition compulsion" and said that we are free of its influence once we are aware of the pattern.


       Exploring past lives has been proven to create mind expansion and spiritual awareness. It brings clarity leading to a more peaceful state.  It finds and removes whatever has kept you from moving forward and helps you move into a happier, more powerful, and more abundant life. 


       The psyche can't wait to tell its story if only it has the chance. Many sub-personalities vie for position inside of us wanting to express themselves. Our work together is about finding out these stories and integrate these parts into a healthy whole.  This clears the way for you to experience a lighter sense of being.


Past Life Memories Are All Around Us       

       Did you ever have a sense of familiarity watching a movie and thought to yourself "That looks so familiar" or "I know that place" or "I remember that?"  Did you ever hear a piece of music that moved you to the depths of your soul but you didn't know why? Did you ever go somewhere you had never been and know your way around as if you had lived there all along?  Have you ever felt a strong feeling of familiarity with someone you know?   These are all examples of past life memories or indicators.  

       Past life regression therapy reconnects you with these types of memories and puts them into a meaningful context so that you might draw on them with deliberation and awareness helping you to heal wounds that have affected you on a soul or energetic level. These past traumas and karmic wounds affect many areas of our current life such as relationships, jobs, self worth, happiness, and our ability to move forward.

        Past Life Regression bypasses years of talk therapy and goes right to the core of an issue.  We can get dramatic and quick results quickly in a way talk therapy can't begin to do. Break through barriers that weren't even known before.  Regression therapy is not only quicker than talk therapy it is also long lasting because it goes to the energetic root of the problem.  

        Interactive Regression engages you on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Search out your past lives and bring back your natural gifts that were lost in previous lifetimes.

Experience a fuller, deeper, happier YOU!

Release from repeating the same mistakes

over and over

          Difficulty in finding resolution to problems can occur when we search for solutions in "this life." The source may not lie "here," but rather elsewhere in the subconscious.  It may be what some would call a previous lifetime. You may be experiencing what Freud called "repetition compulsion," the tendency to keep making the same mistakes over and over again until we are consciously aware and then we can be free of the pattern.  

       Driving to attain resolution and healing from past wounds, the soul seeks out experiences that will provide it with the ability to bring these events to conclusion. We might take classes, talk to friends, see professionals, and so forth. hoping to experience an  enlightening "Aha!" moment that makes everything clear and peaceful.

         It is unknown whether memories that emerge in a past life regression are actual "memories" or whether they are stories created in our unconscious minds that are presented as if they were past lives.  The important thing to note is that the therapy works. 


"My Reaction to Something is Out of Proportion to What's Going On In My Life Today"

       A reaction that is out of proportion to the incident at hand is a good clue to there being a deeper emotional issue and that the "source" of the wound needs healing. Perhaps it is something you see, hear or experience that "triggers" your response. Sometimes our responses seem to belong to something else, for example, your friend says something and it brings up bad feelings and you don't know why. Or you may have an emotional or physical condition that is triggered by an emotional or traumatic event and it just won't go away. Talk therapy often talks "ABOUT" the issue, but doesn't necessarily RESOLVE the issue. You'll know when you've resolved an issue when you stop talking about it.  Until then, consider doing a Deep Memory Process past life regression to release the source of the wound. 


"I'm not sure if I believe in past lives."

      Past life therapy, as a therapy, works. It doesn't come from or require any belief system whether it is religious, scientific or whatever. What is important is that the therapy works.   

      Whether or not past lives exist or not, the mind, when questioned in a certain way, will present the pertinent information around an issue, as well as a resolution, as if it were a past life.  Whether the mind is tapping into a real past life, who knows? That is for the client to determine based on their own experience. What is important is that the psyche not only presents the information to you as if it were a past life, but it also creates a mechanism for a solution that will release the long held issue that has kept someone from moving forward.

       Interestingly, people who hail from all types of belief systems and religions, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, Jewish, and indigenous tribal beliefs, all experience past life regression the same way with the same results. Past life therapy goes beyond religious belief systems and is a common intersection of "sameness" for all belief systems. In this regard it touches on shamanism.  


"Why would I want to do a past life regression?"

       Some people seek out past life therapy when they have exhausted all other types of therapy, not knowing where else to turn.  Others start here and bypass the rest, knowing that past life work will go right to the heart of an issue quickly and efficiently, saving them potentially years of costly therapy.

  Other times, the driving force of the unknown can obsess us or we can become obsessed by "it"... whatever "it" is.  We don't always know what "it" is, but we know that we must follow it to heal it.  Our intuition is usually our guiding force that leads us to our healing. It is the soul's higher consciousness that has a totally different awareness and perspective from a unique vantage point that lies beyond our conscious awareness.  


Fast Results

     Why spends weeks, months, even years of therapy when you can get results in even one session? You may spend thousands of dollars on therapy and yet never seem to be able to let go of something. 

     We can't let go of things for a myriad of reasons and our minds may obsessively search for "the" reason using talk therapy. Different modalities such as bodywork or energy work might also have failed to help you "let go," and you just want to be rid of the feelings you have no control over. Our minds and emotions struggle for meaning but our spirit demands and requires resolution. When we satisfactorily achieve resolution, we are able to "let go."

       Sometimes people say they've done all kinds of things to get rid of their trauma: praying, Reiki, talk therapy, automatic writing, journaling, massage, workshops and the still have the symptoms. This is because the purpose of those therapies isn't going to get into the soul wounds and wounds on all four body layers. You may tap into the mental layer, and a bit of the physical and emotional layers, but we will be opening them wide up and exposing what has been hidden. Our bodies hold memories in cellular memory. Our goal is to find it and give it voice so it can finally be liberated and free.


Who was I in a past life?

       Recently I heard that 50% of the world's population believes in reincarnation. That is a huge number of people all acknowledging the same thing.  I suspect that if you're reading this page or on this site that you do, too. 

       Perhaps you are just a curiosity seeker and want to know who you were in a past life. I would say you already know and that you are just looking for validation. We have a knowing on a soul level of who we were. Sometimes it's a piece of music that sends us into an altered state and we don't know why. Or we view a photo or artwork that does something to us that stops us in our tracks, maybe evoking an emotion. Or it's a sound, perhaps a loud boom, that creates a body response that is unsettling. Maybe you have a favorite place that you like to visit that evokes a memory...or a favorite time period that you like to read about or that you know on an intuitive level. All of these are examples of our inner "knowing". We just don't know that we know.

         Using past life regression, we can explore one of these "triggers" that evoke a response in greater depth and see what the emerging lifetime holds for you. Why is this lifetime important to you? What is important for you to learn as a result of that lifetime?

      Using Deep Memory Process, we delve very deeply into lifetimes, seeking out lifetimes that have had lasting consequences and continue to effect our current life in a negative way.  With hypnotherapy it is more of a guided imagery exploration that doesn't seek to "resolve" deeper traumas or issues.   Once we bring the issue into the light we work with resolution and healing on a soul level using a modality known as Deep Memory Process® (DMP®).  Deep Memory Process goes right to the core of these issues in a direct way, working through the surface symptoms and moving right to the source of the original trauma. 

"What is a Past Life Regression Session Like?"

       Past life regressions follow a basic format.  We first assess what you are looking to achieve whether it is the healing of a particular wound, memory, fear, phobia, loss, etc.  I then decide how we will "induce" the story by listening and watching your verbal and body language as you tell your story. There are different ways to start a session based on the issue being presented.  I look for the word, phrase, physical symptom, etc that seems to have the most "charge" for the client. It can be an emotion, a piece of music, a feeling that won't go away, or a recurring dream for example. 

     Every time someone experiences a past life regression a story emerges, always with similar basic elements that come forth clearly as if it is happening in the present moment.  I will move the story forward and backward searching for the source of the presenting issue. In other words, when did you shut down, and what were the circumstances surrounding it?  From there we will meet all of the "players" in your "drama" and run "the story". You will discover things you never knew about the dynamics of your situation.  We will go to the traumatic episode, follow the lifetime through your own death and then into what the Tibetans call The Bardo, a place of resolution.     


Soul Retrieval in Past Life Regressions

       As part of resolution we also look for pieces of soul that were lost during the past life.  When we have an experience that shocks us, hurts us, scares us or traumatizes us we handle it in different ways. A piece of us may leave our body. This can happen accidentally, as in the case of a car accident, where a piece of the soul is thrown from the car as the body experiences the impact. Or, a frightened child desperately escaping abuse learns to leave their body at will while the physical body is left behind to suffer the physical damage.  On battlefields, the spirit of soldiers hit with bullets just keep walking, unaware that their body has just fallen dead. In each scenario, a piece of the soul is separated from the body.

       We would think that at some point the piece would automatically come back to the body, but regression work shows that that is not always the case. In a past life regression, I not only guide my clients through their lifetime, but also search for the lost pieces of soul and then reunite them with the living client.       

         This becomes a powerful experience for the client. Not only are they reunited with the piece that was lost or left but also all of the gifts return that the soul fragment took with it such as strength, curiosity, innocence, joy, playfulness, courage, power, ability to speak in front of people, artistic talents, etc." 

I'm worried I can't be hypnotized

       Not to worry. We're not using hypnosis.  I often use a guided meditation just to get us started but that isn't the only way to get into a regression.  The easiest way is for us to get into a story is for you to have an emotional or physical connection with your story that you can call up on demand. The story is right there. By the same token, the primary thing for you to know is that it is up to you to come being ready to work.  The biggest challenge someone has if they do have difficulty is that on one level they want to do the work and on another level they have such fear that they work hard NOT to do the work. So, what I tell clients is that it is up to "you" to come ready to work.  Ready to work means putting aside your fear or need to control the session while we are working.  This is a challenge for some.

Can everybody do this?

      No. The key thing when doing a regression is an ability and willingness to allow yourself to connect with something that is greater than your desire NOT to open up and connect.  I have been seeing this dynamic a lot lately in clients who on some level WANT to do a regression but then fight the process when they get here.
     I can only do my work and you, as the client have to do yours. The best thing I can think of to say is for you to look at the reason hypnosis didn’t work and see if you can figure out what was going on with you while they were working. Sometimes it’s a trust issue but 99% of the time it’s a fear issue. Fear is crippling. For some, they’ve worked a long time to compartmentalize something thinking they’ve locked it away for safe keeping, and the fear becomes fear of it coming up again.

       People who have control issues have the hardest time. They want to control their experience and this work requires the opposite skill set ~ the ability to let go and allow what wants to come through to come through.

       Regression takes courage and being ready to allow anything come up and work with it when it does. The fear usually belongs to the character that is ready to emerge in the regression, not the client herself. When the fear does belong to the client, often the fear is “I’m afraid I’ll find out I did something wrong.” Well, you did. Everybody has.  Then it goes to “Well, I’m afraid I’ll find out that I killed somebody.” Well, you did. Everybody has.  So we take that right off the plate up front.  
      We’re never given more than we can handle, the soul works that way.
      This work is not a walk in the park for a fun day. It’s a day to soul search and heal. That means going to places that can be painful because that’s where the potential for growth lies.  A client has to really be ready for this and want it.  If you know you have a history of being “blocked” and “shutdown” then that’s the work you have to do first.
       I can’t make any guarantees as far as what you’ll experience. I know how to guide people. But I do not do their “walking” for them. They have to do their own. This is not a "reading" but rather an interactive experience.  I can only make sure we do what needs to be done along the way so you have a safe and enlightening journey.

Lifeguard Tower


Two Types of Regressions

Past Life Regression

Deep Memory Process

In this session we begin by looking at the soul's astrological journey. What are the patterns of  soul wounds that we've been replaying for too many lifetimes?  Why do we keep making the same mistakes? 


Someone said to me once. "I want to get off this damn merry-go-round!" That was a perfect way to explain what is happening when we keep repeating and repeating the same old stories. Freud called it "repetition compulsion."


We're bound to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again until we're aware of what it is running in the background and the nature of the source of the original wound. This is something we do in every regression session but it is also something that can be determined by looking at the person's astrological birth chart.

The value of this is that it is empowering when we can see what the soul has been trying to accomplish in its seeming flip flopping between two polarities. What are the polarities in your chart?  Independence vs. being in a relationship?  Empowering the self vs. learning to give to others?  Moving out into the public life vs. learning to nurture?  Everyone has  polarities and by knowing what they are we are able to have a more clear vision of how to make decisions that will lead us to the center - the place of balance.

Past Life Regression Exploration

An experience geared to the more casual and curious seeker, rather than for someone looking to experience a deeper cathartic experience.  This does not include a look at the astrological chart.

Both regressions have healing value, the approach and experience are a bit different.

To prepare for your session and learn more about Deep Memory Process please watch the two videos below and read list of common issues helped by DMP. Education significantly increases your ability to do the work.  The videos will tell you about what we will be doing during your session and why we do it. Watching it will help you be more comfortable and proactive in the experience. 

Special note: This is not me, Patty Hall. It is friend and colleague Patricia Walsh.

Sometimes when people walk in the door they tell me I look so different than in my video. :)

Deep Memory Process Part I - with Patricia Walsh  12:53

On the mobile version Part II is near the bottom of the page, keep scrolling down.

Deep Memory Process Part II- with Patricia Walsh  13:02

Here is a list of typical complexes and issues that my clients have used Past Life Regression to heal and resolve:


  • Loss of Loved Ones

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Sexual Abuse and Sexual Trauma

  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Warriorship and Warrior Guilt

  • Abandonment

  • Powerlessness

  • Recovering from victimhood

  • Depression

  • Thoughts that won't go away

  • Grief / Sorrow

  • Hearing voices

  • Anger / rage

  • Constantly talking ABOUT something 

  • Nightmares, esp recurring ones

  • Physical ailments / unspecified pain

  • Heartache

  • Fears / Phobias

  • Unrequited love

  • Psychic Invasion

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Obsessive Thoughts

  • Feeling of being lost

  • Repetitive patterns in life

  • Inability to move forward

  • Feeling Stuck

  • Paranoia

  • Breathing problems

  • Victimhood

List of issues commonly helped by Deep Memory Process

Past Life Regression

Scheduling a

Past Life Regression session:        

What we'll be doing in your session

A session runs between 5-6 for the first and subsequent ones may go more quickly, depending on your ability to move through the story more quickly.


What to know about your first session:

The first time we get together there is an initial intake period that includes a brief history, major shut down points in this life and discussion of what you're wanting to work on. Then we'll look at your astrological chart to assess past life wounds and karmic issues as well as what direction you're heading in this life. This helps us make sense of the work that we do and help  you move toward your goals and your soul's intention.

Scheduling your session:

Schedule your session on a day when you have nothing else planned for the rest of the day. The reason is this. If you have anything else going on, even the smallest thing, it becomes the #1 thing on your mind all day. That inner voice keeps saying "I've got to pick up ice cream on the way home. I've got to get my daughter off the bus." It interferes with your ability to focus on what we're doing. So the key is giving yourself permission to have this day for yourself. 

This is deep soul work and you will need to take the time afterward to give to yourself by being in a quiet space where you can integrate and process the work that we do.

Journaling is a good idea, a walk on the beach or the woods, a long hot bath, anything that you like to do that will nurture your soul and keep you in your healing space for the rest of the day. 

 Also, Soul retrieval is usually involved in our session. There is a reason the soul fragment left in the first place so it will need to feel a peaceful, loving return. Limit your distractions once you get home:)

How long is a session?

Due to the deep nature of the work, it is difficult to go by a clock. It takes how long it takes. Plan on 5-6 hours.  Look at it as a workshop. I allow my whole day to be there for you. We have no idea what we'll be opening but you can rest assured whatever it is we will close it.  Sometimes we just have to let something unfold in its own time and sometimes it's ready to emerge when you walk through the door.  Any type of true healing takes how long it takes.  Give yourself this gift. Time will fly by when you're in an altered state and having "fun." 

Preparing for your session


Educate yourself. Watch the two videos here by Patricia Walsh and if you'd like the ones by Roger Woolger on Deep Memory Process or Ancestral Healing. For those interested in reading, the book "Other Lives, Other Selves"is the seminal work on regression as a therapy.

Read the information on this page as a lot of questions are answered right here.

For in person sessions:

1. Dress in loose, comfortable, everyday clothes that you can move in, with socks. No dresses or skimpy clothes. No need to be fancy, I won't be either.  Session can require physical activity so just be comfortable. You will be on a mat on the floor.Also, due to allergies on my part, please refrain from scented anything, perfumes, oils, etc.  


2. No makeup - this seems weird but believe it or not I have found that this really interferes with a woman's ability to emote. We're doing all the work and then when it comes time to emote all of a sudden she comes out of the space we're in and  worries about her makeup being ruined so I just now say it up front. Just be  your beautiful natural self. 

3. No jewelry (wedding rings are ok) Just for safety, I don't want to get scratched nor do we want you to get your jewelry caught on something.

4. No caffeine - this really interferes with your ability to be present.  Have your coffee afterward not before. :)


What to bring with you:

1. Bring food and a snack and something to drink. (not coffee)  You can snack while we're talking prior and after your session. Once you are done with your session you will be HUNGRY!  We will be burning a lot of energy and you may feel a bit ungrounded for a while as you settle back into your 'body".  Food is the fastest way to reground.  I can't stress this enough.

2. Voice Recorder: You may also want to record your session. Phones usually have apps now, as do iPads.

 Notes always make great reference for later.

For remote Sessions:

1. Create a quiet space with no distractions

2. Have your camera set so that I can see your face and body. I am looking for and watching both facial expressions and body movements.

3. We'll take breaks in between the astrology portion and regression.

***Be prepared and ready to work

This work is intended for those who are ready to be present for the work and to trust what we are doing.

An ability to visualize is helpful, experience in meditation, any type of energy work, being empathic, intuitive, etc. will only enhance your experience.

This work is not for someone who is not present for what we are wanting to work on or is not fully invested in working on themselves. It is not for someone who wants to do it because they think it might be a fun thing to do. It's deep insightful work that can be life changing.

$350 -  session runs 5-6 hours

Initial appt includes:

- Initial phone call and intake

- Intake review

- Look at your Astrological chart to look at what soul wounds you are coming into this life with and  the soul's direction in this life. This gives you a foundation for what you'll experience in your session so you can see patterns that have been repeating throughout past lives. In addition it gives you tools to use once you leave.

- The regression -

- Post session reflections -

Total 5-6 hours (this is not a firm time frame. On occasion a session may go over.


Subsequent sessions:   $325

- we continue to refer to the chart when we work

-  a regression only runs about 3-3.5 hours

Non-refundable deposit required to book an appointment. You can change the date of your appointment.

No shows, same day cancellations, cancellations less than 24 hours are non-refundable.

Deposit $100

To book a session call 860-514-7685


Deep Memory Process -

Past Life Regression


Deep Memory Process® is a practical and highly effective therapy of the soul developed by Dr. Roger Woolger, which combines active imagination (Jung), bodywork(Reich) and psychodrama (Moreno) with shamanic/spirit journeying and integration between lifetimes derived from the Buddhist bardo wisdom of The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Introduced as a technique in 2002, Deep Memory Process broke regression therapy out the narrow confines of hypnotherapy and talk therapy giving it embodiment and lived experience through psychodrama and bodywork. Rooted in yoga concepts of the subtle bodies and shamanism, and drawing upon Tibetan teachings about death and transition through various bardo or intermediary states, Deep Memory Process has been recognized as a major contribution to trans-personal psychotherapy. 

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