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Shamanic Journeying Workshops


$150 per person


  March 2, 2024 Part I

Part 2 tba

(NEW *This used to be a two-day workshop over one weekend and is now being offered as two one-day workshops)

        Transformative, educational, enlightening, and empowering!  Highly experiential experience where you learn by DOing.





10-12:30am: Introduction and discussion of shamanism, setting sacred space,  

                     use of active imagination

12:30-1:30 Power Animal Journey

2:15-6pm     Journeys to the Middle and Upper Worlds, including         

                    discussion of what the worlds are, what type of work is done

                    Ample time is allotted for each student to share their journeys,

                    give and receive feedback and support to fellow students.




Outline - Pre-requisite: Part 1

10am-11am   Discussion of work done in Part 1

                     Synchronicities and symbols

11:30-1:30   Journeys to the East and South

2:15 - 4:00   Journeys to the South, West and North

5:00              Journeys to the Healing of Another


    Shamanic journeying is the most direct route to taking control of your own spirituality by way of self revelation.  It is the foundation upon which healing modalities ought to built upon because it establishes and creates your direct connection to the Divine and the greater consciousness.  It helps you OPEN UP to a new awareness that will expand how you see new possibilities.

       It creates a container within which you can safely function in when doing your spiritual work. It's important to learn the rules before venturing into the unseen world. With them, you now have "tools" that can be utilized for the purpose of healing either yourself or others.

       Learn to travel to non-ordinary reality and meet those in the other worlds that have been waiting to teach and guide you.  Then journey to them and with them for answers.


     Topics include:

- Creating sacred space

- Traveling safely between the worlds

- Traveling to seek answers from the spiritual world

- Gaining control over your connection with spirit.

- How to traverse the different worlds

- Most importantly, how to get and stay grounded.

- You'll learn about the 3 different worlds - Upper, Lower and Middle (levels of the mind),

- The Four Directions and their Gatekeepers (representing the four bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.)


     Meet your power animal, create a relationship with it, dance it, thank it. From there you'll learn to seek answers to questions you've long held. Gain a greater understanding of who you are, what your gifts are, what you are here to learn. Meet your healing teachers, learn healing techniques they create just for you.


     The safest tool for connecting with spirit is through shamanic journeying. It creates a tether for you to go out safely seek answers while being guided and grounded,the most important skill to learn in the healing arts.


Join us for this two day weekend event and connect in a way you never have before.


Class sizes ares limited to four so that everyone will have ample personal sharing, question, and integration time.

  Handouts will be provided. Floor pads, sheets, pillows will be provided but you may bring whatever you'd like to be comfortable in addition to that.

Each student will have their own altar so you are welcome to bring whatever you'd like to add to it.

Dress comfortably, pillow, blanket if you want and notebook and pen.


You can bring your own lunch, drinks, and snacks.  

Or there is a great deli down the street called Mystic Market.  You can order online ahead of time so it ready when you get there.

There is also Pizza Works near the train station that has excellent food.


To Register

Payments can be made via the Pay Pal yellow button links, Venmo, Cashapp or a CC on the phone.  I

If you use Cashapp or Venmo call, text, or email me at mysoulhealer@yahoo to let me know you're registering. Include your Name, email and phone number, class and date you want to attend. .

Waiting List:  If a workshop is sold out and you'd like to attend please let me know. Sometimes we have last minute availability


  • CC on Phone 860-514-7685               

  • Cashapp:  $mysoulhealer               

  • Venmo: Patricia-Hall-103     last 4 digits of phone 7685


" ...It is often said that the first sound we hear in the womb is our mother's heartbeat. Actually, the first sound to vibrate our newly developed hearing apparatus is the pulse of our mother's blood through her veins and arteries. We vibrate to that primordial rhythm even before we have ears to hear." 

                                                              Layne Redmond


In the sound studio drumming for my 2 MP3 set "One Foot In Both Worlds" 

Workshop Reviews

"Best thing I've ever done for myself"


"I did the Shamanic Journey workshop with my daughter, it was amazing and eye opening. Since the journey I have seen so much growth in my daughter and myself. I highly recommend this workshop or any of the other services to anyone. I did not know what to expect but I can tell you the experience exceeded any expectations I did have. Patty was amazing and broke my daughter and myself out of our shell and comfort zone. I have seen my daughter grow so confident and step into her power and it has been beautiful. This journey had truly changed my life and I can’t thank her enough."

Ashlie & Alivia


"I attended the Basic Shamanic Journeying Workshop with Patty, and it was absolutely amazing. The experience was more than I could have ever asked for, and it was truly an honor to be taught and guided by her. Patty's kindness, genuine love for her work, and extensive knowledge/wisdom are all clear from the moment you meet her, and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone interested in learning more about this work. The workshop was not only fun and interesting, it was genuinely a life changing experience!!  My energy and mindset have been so much clearer and centered since attending. I will definitely be back again very soon to work with Patty, and I HIGHLY recommend this workshop to everyone. If you are interested, it's for you!"

V. A.

Earlier this summer I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw an advertisement for a two-day beginner’s Shamanic Journey workshop  and I felt curious and drawn to sign up. I was just being open minded and curious what I may learn, but also in the back of my mind looking for answers.  I was floored by this workshop. First, Patty Hall is extremely professional and easy to work with.  

The content and quality of Patty’s teaching was top notch. I learned about creating and working in a safe space, I learned about the three worlds, I journeyed to each of them. I met my power animal, and various spirit guides in all of the worlds, and in the North, South, East and West. I received messages. I helped journey for others healing in the group. The connections between myself and others in the group were strong. It was almost like telekinesis.. where I thought something and another nearby said it and had echoes of similar imagery and themes in their journey!  ... Both during, and since, this experience this summer, I have been seeing the connections expand and grow all around me. Animals, nature, people, it’s everywhere and in everything.  This experience was literally life changing for me. It’s as if I have a new pair of glasses. I can put them on or take them off at any time. But oh my....... the view with them on........... take the class, and you too, will be able see exactly what is meant for you to see.  👁
                                  K.K. Rocky Hill, CT

I recently took part in a Shamanic journey event to connect to my power animal (or animal spirit guide). We all have spirit guides during our life on earth, and, yes, animals can be our guides!

What fascinating animal would come through me during this power animal meditation? Maybe a stealthy lion? How about a sleek panther? A grand-looking wolf with piercing eyes? Perhaps a lofty, soaring eagle? Nope! I had a slow-moving, ginormous water buffalo walk up to me! How anti-climactic! A water buffalo? Throughout the rest of the day’s journey meditations into the spirit realms, I had to walk alongside this gentle giant. I could feel his thick fur. He had a musky odor to him, but with his striking crown of curved horns, he had a stately handsomeness! By the end of my journey event, this big guy was starting to grow on me!

During a final journey, I was guided to walk into the light of heaven next to my big-horned buddy. As I entered the light of Heaven’s realm, I saw my own deceased son, Eric, in spirit wearing a robe. I was overjoyed! My son was smiling, his blue eyes sparkling, and with his typical sense of humor, he said, “Mom, seriously?! A water buffalo?” I nearly cracked up during my journey, which would have been so inappropriate! My son would always make me laugh. I remember him cracking me up during his chemo sessions.

I looked up the spiritual significance of the water buffalo. He represents strength, service, dedication, connection to earth, and abundance. He is considered a sacred creature, and if you are blessed to see him in a vision, you will have prosperity. In Southeast Asia, the water buffalo is thought to help carry the dead to heaven. He also signifies the “piece of the greater whole.”

I’ll take him any day as my power animal.


"Wonderfully Rewarding
I took the Shamanic Journeying workshop with Patty a few weeks ago and it was an amazingly profound and eye opening experience. I have just started working on my spiritual journey so I came to this workshop knowing nothing about Shamanism--or much of anything else for that matter. After the workshop I now have the tools I received from my guides to assist me as I continue on my spiritual journey. It was emotional, it was personally challenging at times but wonderfully rewarding. Patty is amazing and this workshop changed my outlook and changed my life."

S.M. New London, CT

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