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Movies about Past Lives and Spirits

The Love Letter movie.png

The Love Letter, 1998
Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Campbell Scott

Beautiful handling of the ability some people have to energetically sense and recognize others from a past life and at times cross the barriers of time intertwining the experiences of both dimensions simultaneously.

The body holds the memories from past lives and when it comes contact with a person from a past life, it can feel the magnetic energy compulsively pulling the two together.

It also covers the disruption a past life memory can cause in a current life relationship for all involved.

The Spirit of Christmas, 2015
Starring Jen Lilley, Thomas Beaudoin

Explores the concept of a spirit presence in an inn. The wonderful part about it is that the author of the movie has some knowledge of exploring the correlation between trauma and a spirit being earthbound and the need to get to the source of the trauma and resolve it so that the spirit can receive healing. It is then free to leave in a healthy way.

The Spirit of Christmas.png
What Dreams May Come.png

What Dreams May Come, 1998
Starring Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr., Anna Sciorra

A journey into the afterlife written by someone who seems to have known all of the elements of Deep Memory Process from going through a trauma, into the afterlife, as well as working with Soul Retrieval. Profoundly insightful into the experience of the components of the healing process of trauma.

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