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Ancestral Healing

When we use words like "It's in the family" or "Yeah, my mom and grandma both had it" or "It's hereditary" we are alluding to the presence of ancestral influence. 

Sometimes when interviewing someone for past life work we see a pattern between themselves as well as their ancestors that they didn't even realize was in play. 

  Stories of family history that include, for example, depression, mental illness, alcoholism, suicide, single women and childbearing problems, financial and relationship problems, and more, are all common in ancestral work.


Ancestors linger on the earthly plane to work out their own unfinished business so they can pass over.  The best way for them to do that is to find a descendant with whom they resonate or who they believe can actually help them. But the descendant doesn't usually know the ancestor is trying to GET help and instead begins to live out their ancestor's "dreams" or picks up unintentional repercussions that aren't related to the ancestor's reason for staying. For example, people who have no inclination to over drink find themselves drinking because grandpa used to drink (and now gets to continue to drink). We may discover that mom, grandma, aunts and cousins all struggle with depression and it goes back to a great grandma seven generations back who lost her husband in a war and had to give up her 10 children because she could no longer feed them. (actual case)

 In our Ancestral sessions, we work directly with the ancestors in a very loving way to find out the nature of their original wound and help them resolve it. Similar to a past life regression  but now we're working with THEIR past lives and helping them finish their unfinished business as well as help them cross over into the light.

Ancestral Healing Session

approx. 3-4  hours  $350.00

Are you being called to heal your

Ancestral Trauma?

Ancestors want their stories known. They want their descendants to know of their struggles and what happened to them. They want to move on and they want you to help them!

Next Ancestral Healing workshop is Summer 2024

Ancestral Healing

By Roger Woolger

Most non-western cultures have rituals and practices to facilitate the safe passage of departing spirits to the other side after death to ensure that they literally do not hang around the living, draining energy and invisibly influencing us. Celtic wakes for example, and the Tibetan book of the Dead were both designed for this purpose, and to protect the psychic health of the community.

For the most part, however, our culture has few such practices for releasing the dead, with the result that many of our energy problems, obsessive issues and persistent complexes often turn out to be old or ancestral spirits energies trying in vain to speak or act through us to resolve unfinished issues not of our, but their making.

In his many years of work in regression therapy and shamanic healing, Roger Woogler has frequently encountered and removed unwanted and unhappy spirits. Some originally attach to us in childhood, others after the death of a family member, others have been with us for many lifetimes.
His principles and approaches derive from Jungian, Buddhist and European views of spirit entities, and differ in may respects from other organisations working in this field.

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