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Shamanic Journeying




2 Days


About the Course

Transformative, educational, enlightening, and empowering! Highly experiential experience where you learn by DOing.

Day 1 Outline

10-12:30am: Introduction and discussion of shamanism, setting sacred space, use of active imagination

12:30-1:30 Power Animal Journey

2:15-6pm Journeys to the Middle and Upper Worlds, including discussion of what the worlds are, what type of work is done there. Ample time is allotted for each student to share their journeys, give and receive feedback and support to fellow students.

Day 2 Outline

10am-11am Discussion of previous days work

Synchronicity and symbols

11:30-1:00 Journeys to the East and South

1:45 Journeys to the South, West and North

5:00 Journeys to the Healing of Another

Shamanic journeying is the most direct route to taking control of your own spirituality by way of self revelation. It is the foundation upon which healing modalities ought to built upon because it establishes and creates your direct connection to the Divine and the greater consciousness. It helps you OPEN UP to a new awareness that will expand how you see new possibilities.

It creates a container within which you can safely function in when doing your spiritual work. It's important to learn the rules before venturing into the unseen world. With them, you now have "tools" that can be utilized for the purpose of healing either yourself or others.

Learn to travel to non-ordinary reality and meet those in the other worlds that have been waiting to teach and guide you. Then journey to them and with them for answers.

Topics include:

- Creating sacred space

- Traveling safely between the worlds

- Traveling to seek answers from the spiritual world

- Gaining control over your connection with spirit.

- How to traverse the different worlds

- Most importantly, how to get and stay grounded.

- You'll learn about the 3 different worlds - Upper, Lower and Middle (levels of the mind),

- The Four Directions and their Gatekeepers (representing the four bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.)

Meet your power animal, create a relationship with it, dance it, thank it. From there you'll learn to seek answers to questions you've long held. Gain a greater understanding of who you are, what your gifts are, what you are here to learn. Meet your healing teachers, learn healing techniques they create just for you.

The safest tool for connecting with spirit is through shamanic journeying. It creates a tether for you to go out safely seek answers while being guided and grounded,the most important skill to learn in the healing arts.

Your Instructor

Patty Hall

Patty is a Certified Deep Memory Process practitioner and Shamanic Healer specializing in guided journeys.

Patty Hall
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