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Shamanic Journeying Level II

For  continuing studies of Shamanism or greater awareness through
the process of Shamanic Journeying.
This group of classes is open to all graduates of
Basic Shamanic Journeying and will be offered on a rotating basis. 

Pre-req: Basic Shamanic Journeying

The Middle World
The Middle World is full of amazing beings that have much to offer us, especially when we are looking to improve our skills as healers.  The Middle World also covers the natural world we live in:  the environment, the planets, the stars, plant life, the sea, the faerie realm and the  place to meet your healing helpers.
There will also be a journey to the healing of another person. This time it will be to someone who is not in the class.  As a bonus,  there will be two journeys that give you free reign to explore whatever you'd like. Bring anything you'd like for your altar, including one sprig from a plant  or tree of interest.

The Path of the Healer
This class will be highly customized to suit you and your journey as a healer. Most of you are working in some area of healing and for those who aren't, it's still an opportunity to learn more about yourself and explore.  Much of this class will focus on finding and deepening your connections with your healing helpers and working with them to strengthen skills as a healer.   When you register, please let me know what healing modality you are wanting to work on so I can customize the journeys for each of you as much as possible.  Much of the journeys will build on the information we get from journey to journey so we will let if flow naturally.  Come with any of your healing tools you'd like for your altar.

Healing the Family Tree


Dragon Lady
Family Hiking
Healing Touch Therapy_1
Healing Stones

Healing the Family Tree is a way of working with the Ancestors to bring about healing within the entire family  line. This class is different than "Healing the Ancestors", which is about learning to work directly with Ancestors through mediumship.  This will be similar in that you will be journeying to your ancestors on behalf of your family to bring about healing in family patterns. This will be a deeply transformative class so students should be ready for this experience emotionally. Working with the Ancestors no matter what the work brings about a great sense of gratitude and appreciation as well as creating a feeling of having done something to benefit others, which is the healer's path.  Come with a simple family tree or photos, items for your altars. 

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