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Working With Soul Retrieval: Piecing Together the Soul: The Transformative Power of Soul Retrieval and Deep Memory Process

Updated: May 27

 Article written By Patty Hall for the International Deep Memory Process Magazine


Soul Retrieval has such profound and widespread ramifications that in shamanic work it stands alone as a purpose for a healing session. In combination with Deep Memory Process, the results are instantly life changing for the client. 

Working with the soul is like assembling a picture puzzle.  Various shaped and sized pieces are hunted, “retrieved” and put together as a cohesive unit ~ the soul. Most people have many of their “puzzle pieces” missing. Imagine looking at a 1000 piece jumbo puzzle in the process of being assembled.  Usually, the corners are put in place followed by the rest of the frame and then random groupings of obvious identifiable objects.  The outline of the puzzle is the container for the rest of the pieces.  It is our intention in soul retrieval to fill in as many individual pieces as possible to create and connect additional sections that are meaningful in creating a “whole”.

The pieces of the puzzle (soul) can also be called “fragments”.  In soul retrieval, “fragments” are like pieces of a puzzle. They need to be hunted, “retrieved” and then reincorporated back into the “soul”.  Here is where the stamina of both practitioner as well as client comes into the picture. 

How many pieces can you get in one hunt? This is where a little bit of obsessive compulsion comes in handy.  There is literally no end to how many pieces of souls can be retrieved in one session due to the fact that there is no restriction on whose pieces can be retrieved.  Deep Memory Process is a soul retrieval picnic, with a myriad of characters to choose from, all of who can use a soul retrieval. 

In a typical Deep Memory Process session, the most common opportunities for recovering a lost piece of someone’s soul, or “fragment” are when:

·      A person leaves their body due to a traumatic experience and does not return prior to death

·      A person dies suddenly without realizing what is happening

·      A person is unconscious or drugged when they die

·      The client is part of a larger group and the option is exercised to retrieve the entire group

Retrieving soul fragments in this way produces changes not only in the client, but also in other people connected with the client.  It is a chain reaction that continues to work like Dominoes.  

      Knowing this, one can enter into a session for the sole purpose of doing soul retrieval if it is desired.  There are six basic retrievals and releasement of pieces that apply in almost every relationship between two people, especially if they had a close relationship. Depending on the nature of that relationship that number may be slightly lower. 

      Susan came to see me for issues regarding her ex-husband. She was having difficulty getting her new life together without him.  Her husband Dan was having trouble letting her go and wanted to keep her in his life.  Susan watched for fifteen years as her CEO husband went from success to one failure after another until he eventually became unemployed and depressed. Drinking and self-pity became the norm.  Susan’s mother had abandoned her as a child and was something she still resented.

In an intense session, Susan described a burning sensation rising from her stomach to her throat saying she could not talk and that it was not safe.  She quickly found herself as an herbalist with a rope around her neck that tied her to a stake for a public burning. Her husband Dan was the soldier responsible for carrying out the hanging.   Susan’s parents in that lifetime abandoned her at the age of five (same mother as this lifetime) and left her to be raised by her grandmother, an herbalist herself.  There was such a feeling of resentment and betrayal that Susan felt totally beaten.  By this time, I was feeling sorry for not only Susan, but also Dan.  I was experiencing an unbelievable amount of his emotional pain and wanted to help him as much as Susan.  Often when I do a session, a client and I will wish the other party involved would come and do a session for their healing. It has never happened yet, so I thought I would try it in absentia through soul retrieval.

       This was the first time I went in with a “take no prisoners” attitude into soul retrieval.  Or should I say, “leave no prisoners”?  I was going in for as many as I could. This ultimately changed my way of doing sessions forever. Earlier there was mention of six combinations of soul retrieval in each relationship. Although they are pieces, or fragments, remember the puzzle and each of the pieces being a part of the larger picture. This session bore this out to be true.  The pieces retrieved were as described in the following:

·      The standard retrieval of the burned body staying near the point of execution.

·      I asked Susan to see if she was still holding onto any parts of Dan that did not belong to her. (“parts” are tantamount to a piece of soul)  She was. I asked her to give it back to Dan. One soul retrieval for Dan.

·      I asked Dan if he was still holding onto any parts of Susan that did not belong to him.  He was.  I asked him to give them back to Susan.  He did.  One soul retrieval for Susan.

·      I asked Susan if she had voluntarily given up any pieces of herself to Dan. This is often done in love relationships when we want to be closer to someone. There is an exchange of not only the heart, but also the soul. I asked Dan where he kept that piece in his body.  This helped him begin to feel a little of the love he felt for Susan as well as brought him into the bardo piece more fully.  Susan also got emotional at this point. I asked her if she would like to take the piece back.  This was proposed as an option not a mandate.  She did.  Second soul retrieval for Susan.

·      I asked Dan if he had any pieces he gave to Susan voluntarily and whether or not he would like to take his back. He did.  Second soul retrieval for Dan. At this point Dan was becoming a very strong presence in the session and I realized it did not matter that he was physically not present.  If I could get dialogue in the bardo to this extent, the other party would never have to have a session. And I felt the more dialogue, the more profound the connection, therefore the more profound the healing. This subsequently proved to be the case.

·      I asked Susan if she had stolen any parts of Dan that he was not aware.  She did. I asked her to return it.  Third piece for Dan.  Dan’s presence was undeniable by this point and fully present in the session.

·      I asked Dan if he had stolen any parts of Susan that she was not aware.  He had.  I asked him to return it to her.  Third piece for Susan.

·      At this point, I asked Susan to see if she had attached to Dan anywhere.  She was attached at his throat.  I suspected with her throat issue, it was probably vice versa as well.  I asked her if she was ready to let go.  She was. I asked Dan if he would like to remove it. He was happy to do this and was feeling some healing begin to occur.  His humility and desire to be helpful increased with each step. One attachment for Susan removed.

·      I asked Dan if he had attached to Susan anywhere.  He had. It was the throat, just as suspected.  I asked Susan if she was ready to remove it. She was ecstatic. One attachment for Dan removed. I have learned that in love relationships, especially, there are attachments that can be binding and even suffocating that when released create an increased sense of freedom and well being.

·      Susan saw her Grandmother attend the funeral after she had been burnt yet had no recollection of seeing her after adolescence.  Susan found Grandmother sitting beneath a tree.  We asked Grandmother to come with Susan.  One piece for Grandmother.

·      The parents were confronted. Susan took more pieces from the parents that she had given them, as well as pieces that they had “stolen”. (Three? Four more for Susan?

It is easy to understand now how the process can just keep going and going. I ended up speaking with Dan for a long time before I realized he had no clue as to why his marriage broke up or that he had mistreated his wife and daughter.  He also knew his career had to take a turn for the better but did not know where to turn.  I spent a long time with Dan just as if it had been a Spirit Releasement piece, trying to heal “his wound”. We talked at length about his being a warrior and I gave him an understanding of his lot that he had not gotten.  Susan said that that was the first time in her life she had ever understood him and now had a different viewpoint of him. 

Before saying “Good-bye” to Dan, I called in a group of healing warriors to come and take Dan’s soul to a place where he could get beginner’s instruction as to how to go about even starting the process of learning about himself, wife and daughter and more spiritual things.  He was willing.

If I were to take a tally, there were: 

·      Eight pieces for Susan

·      Three pieces for Dan

·      One piece for Grandmother

·      One attachment for Susan

·      One attachment for Dan

They were 14, small, but significant pieces in Susan’s life that affected her in one way or another and when pieced back together filled in one more section of her puzzle ~ her soul. One week later, Susan looked like a new woman.  She was chatty when she had been hesitant to speak. She felt alive and free. When she looked in the mirror, she no longer saw “her mother, as she used to say.  But amazingly, her husband Dan had begun to make a turn around for some “mysterious reason”. For the first time ever, he had described his desire to begin to look for some answers in the unseen realm. She smiled and knew that it was the work she had done.


Follow up: Years later, I ran into somebody who knew Susan. Additionally, this person didn't know I had done any work with Susan. I asked about her and they said, "Oh, she and her husband are back together and very happy. He made such a turn around!"









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