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Unleashing the Past: Healing a Standard Poodle's Emotional Wounds through Past Life Regression

Deep Memory Process for Dogs: A Dog's Past Life Regression Journey to Heal Emotional Wounds - Part I”  


This article was written for the yearly International Deep Memory Process Magazine back in 2009-10. Unfortunately, Roger Woolger passed away before completing the magazine. 


As we strive to reach even further with the potential healing aspects of past life regression and Deep Memory Process (DMP) work, I've gone out of the box once again. I'm always exploring new things to do and ways to apply this incredible modality. 


I was recently asked by one of my clients if I was willing to do a Reiki session on her eleven-year-old white male standard poodle. His name is Wagner (with the "v" sound,like the composer). She and I had already done a very profound past life regression and I knew she would be able to be the medium if we needed it. 


Wagner was diagnosed with Cancer of the anal sac and lymph nodes in the left hind region. His "mom" was distraught with guilt over not having picked up the signals that his hind end was in trouble.  She had brushed off his constant licking of his hind end as one of those things that dogs do. He had already been through all kinds of holistic healing for pets, alternative veterinary modalities, including some nutritional supplements as well as chemotherapy.


I agreed to do a "house call" to come work with her dog to see what we could do.  As soon as I drove up to the house I was greeted by a beautiful very loving white standard poodle, who wanted to lick me. I don't even let my own dog lick me because of allergic reactions but in the spirit of healing, I agreed.  He was quite a host and his "mom" soon greeted us both at the front door.


She asked what I wanted to do and where I wanted to work on him. I told her I wasn't really sure what I was going to do and that this was my first "official" animal healing.  It was very much a “let’s give it a try, we have nothing to lose” approach on both our parts.

Previously, I had given Reiki to a couple of other dogs owned by friends whereupon my ability as an animal communicator emerged very naturally so this wasn't daunting.  


As I began to tune into Wagner I told her the best thing for me to do was to lay with the dog wherever he was comfortable so I could get as much of my own body as close to him as I could.  She recommended that I lay down on the bed in his favorite bedroom and that he would lay down with me if I did.  The room was spacious and had a stunning scenic view of a gently winding river down below.


She was right. He was happy in that room and as soon as I laid down, Wagner jumped on the bed and laid down partially on me and cuddled as if we already knew each other. Holding him in my arms as if he was my own, I began to do Reiki on his neck, shoulders, and abdomen. I also have a standard poodle so this was a natural thing for me to do.


Quickly, I started to sense Wagner’s energy. It had been a few months since my client told me where his cancer was and I couldn't remember, but for some reason I was feeling something going on with his neck. (This comes back around in Part II of this story)


Within minutes, I asked my client if Wagner had ever played in the street. She said that he hadn't and wondered what I was picking up. I told her I was seeing some kind of a quick impact that left an impression on his hind end and that he still hadn't gotten over it. I wondered if he had gotten hit by a car. She still said "no." I confirmed again that something had happened and that he has never forgotten it. 


I also explained that cancer carries with it an emotional wound associated with the area of the body where the cancer is found and that if we are to get rid of the cancer, the healing of the emotional wound needs to be released. This concept is the work of the German Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer[1] whose research showed the correlation between cancer and emotional wounds.  


With a sudden awareness, she burst out, "Oh, my God...!" and quickly recounted that, as a puppy, Wagner was swatted on his backside on more than one occasion.


I asked her if she was willing to shift from Reiki to work with me in doing a Deep Memory Process past life regression session on her dog so we could go right into that wound and see what we can find. Having worked with her before I was going on the hunch that she could tap into the energy of her dog and so I could work on him through her. I knew this was possible because it falls under the category of shamanic healing and is also a component of Deep Memory Process Ancestral Healing; resolution of soul wounds through the living. In shamanism, a shaman is able to tap into the energy of someone else and facilitate a healing on their behalf by proxy.  I wasn't sure how we were going to do it, but I felt theoretically it ought to work.  We could go on an adventure to explore the idea of reincarnation in dogs, animal healing techniques, and animal past life regression therapy all in one.  We were both interested to see if we could do a dog past life therapy session because if it worked, it ought to yield results.


I moved Wagner closer and he huddled right up against my body. I felt like I wanted to be 100% in his energy and feel what was coming from him.  My hands continued to caress his body, keeping close contact.  I asked my client to lay on the other side of Wagner and put a hand or arm on him so she could also connect with him.  I always think of my working as creating an energetic circuit that we can each plug into to get a flow moving between the connected parties. It can also happen without physical touch, but physical touch has so much more power and comes more quickly. It was only a moment before she was also tapping into his energy. 


I started by asking my client to go back to the time she remembered the dog being swatted that had the most emotional charge.  It went back to a time when they lived in another house and she and her husband were arguing over an issue. Quickly she saw that Wagner thought the argument was about his not doing a good job of watching the house. In addition, it took her back to a time when he was hiding in a closet when her husband was yelling. She could feel that Wagner was torn and was trying to stay loyal to both of them. He was having a difficult time understanding where his loyalties belonged.


Through dialoguing back and forth we were both picking up cues from Wagner and  continued through the incidents of the past that were relevant to his hind end issue and then moved forward into the present moment. 


Connecting with the Higher Self

Now being in an altered state and all of us into the session simultaneously, it is easy to shift to working with that part of us that is known as the higher self in the spirit world. 

I asked my client to call forward the spirit of her husband and Wagner. The higher self will always answer the call because it wants healing.  Once they were both there, I encouraged all parties to say their peace.  Apologies and explanations were profuse.  Wagner had a new understanding that he was not responsible for the arguments (his feelings of guilt released) and that he was doing an excellent job of watching the house.  The husband and wife both had an opportunity to release their own guilt and speak about their feelings of remorse of the hind end swatting, while reinforcing what a great job the dog did in protecting the house and them.


This place of resolution and healing is what the Tibetans call the bardo. It is a place for spiritual healing to happen. It doesn't matter if it's for humans or animals, the healing happens. I called for any spirits of the animal realm who wanted to come and support Wagner, to come.  I also asked my client to call anyone she wanted to call.  She called St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Animals.  As soon as St. Francis arrived, (yes, these things are possible in an altered state of awareness during regressions.) I asked him to assist me in helping to remove the residue from the dog’s physical body, since we had just finished working with the mental and emotional bodies.


No sooner did I ask St Francis to do this and Wagner snapped back at his hind quarters and give a little growl as if to acknowledge activity was happening in his wounded area.  He jumped off the bed and onto the floor.  His mom followed him to the floor.   I also got up and stood nearby the two of them ready for whatever was to transpire. 


In Deep Memory Process, we expect body movement and the emotions to engage. And here the dog was reacting both physically and emotionally, just like humans do, to all that was happening in the spirit world and the regression. Transformation and healing were happening!


Dogs are extremely intuitive and very much in tune with the spirit world. They are naturally able to sense spirit.  Still in this altered shamanic state, I continued by asking St. Francis to take Wagner to a stream or waterfall where rushing water could help cleanse away residue from his health issues. They chose a waterfall.  I asked my client to join them in that she needed to also cleanse any feelings of guilt that she might still have lingering. Both she and Wagner stood in the waterfall with the help of St. Francis until they felt renewed. 



Once the cleansing was done, I asked my client to take her dog back to both houses, the old one and the current one to look for any lost pieces of his soul that were still lingering there and to especially look in the closet where he had hid while the parents quarreled.  I recommended her taking a basket to carry all the soul fragments and bring them back when they were done. Sure enough, there was a whole basket full of soul fragments by the time the two of them were finished. The locating of lost soul fragments and bringing them back is called soul retrieval.  And yes, a huge piece was waiting in the closet where the scared puppy Wagner had once hid. Closets are a favorite place for soul fragments to hide.


I then asked both mom and Wagner to see if the husband was holding any of their soul fragments and if so, to take them back from him. He was holding them and was very willing to return them. This is typically the case where there is a loving connection. I also asked Wagner and his mom to do the same and to return any pieces of each other that didn’t belong to them.


Next, I asked my client to look at Wagner’s body to see if there was anything else attached to him or in his field that needed to be removed.  While she was looking, I was sensing two foot-long, cord-like attachments off his right hind-end.  She saw nothing.  I quietly got up, walked over to where they were both laying on the floor and with my hands a couple of feet above Wagner’s body, snatched the two cord-like objects away from the dog.  He snapped his upper body back and growled/yelped momentarily and was on high alert even though he wasn’t bothered by me standing there. He look from side to side, but not at me.  It was if he was on guard, doing his job, watching the house like he had meant to do all along.  He quickly relaxed again and both he and mom laid resting on the floor quietly.  We were done. 


I let them lay there a while until they naturally felt like they were ready to get up.  After a session we shared the experience as it went for both of us. I told what I was getting throughout what might have been the first ever dog past life regression and she was telling me what she was able to see and experience through Wagner’s eyes and emotions. And at the same time we were able to present in our own experience.  I relayed the story about his body and vocal expressions happening at key turning points in the story and that he was right on cue with everything that was going on spiritually. And we also shared the environment we were seeing him in as a dog on guard duty.  She recounted that at that very same time Wagner passed a huge amount of ungodly-smelling gas.  That was positive. Something was happening and shifting at the right spot, his hind end where he has the cancer.   Within ten minutes, we all trotted downstairs. It didn’t take long for my client to notice Wagner was much more calm than he had been in some time. We agreed to keep in touch. 



The first report:

She writes: Today, he was tired in the early morning and slept in, and a bit "demanding" since... we went on 4 walks and he ate 4 meals, all at his request.    By "demanding" I mean he decides he wants something and now paws at me until I get up and figure out (with his help) what it is he wants.  For example, if he wanted to go out, he would just stand by the door and make a noise.  Now he comes to wherever I am and "asks".  He generally goes for 2 walks a day and eats 3 times a day (since chemo).   He seems more perky with energy to run more and doing things he used to do (like nap in the mulch).   

She has already scheduled another appointment for him!


Oh!  You’re asking yourself about the dog’s past lives?  Why, he was the Pharoah’s dog of course!  His house, once again in this life, looks over a river, just like the Nile.  Repetition compulsion, dog reincarnation, dog past life therapy and past life regression extends to dogs, too!   A dog reincarnation story? Wait until you read Part II!


[1]Markolin, Ph.D, Carolyn, "The Five Biological Laws of the New Medicine," German New Medicine, 05-28-2024,

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This is a beautiful story and message!


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