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Past Life Regression allows us to access and release influences that are running in the background of our current lives that keep us from making forward progress. Intuitively, we yearn for understanding and release. With this release comes 'freedom' from the unknown and a lightening of the soul that wasn't there before.

Exploring past lives brings in the opportunity to let go of long held fears, doubts, and inner voices that have held us back.  Perhaps it's a thought or feeling you can't shake.  Maybe you're feeling trapped or stuck. Maybe you're in need of moving in a new direction. Or maybe you're stuck in what Freud called 'repetition compulsion' and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, both in your current life as well as past lives.  Shedding light on this releases the pattern. Time to start moving forward!

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Ancestral Healing

The latest epigenetic studies have shown that we inherit the biological and emotional residue from traumatic events that have occurred in our family line.

Family patterns of depression, abuse, illness, alcohol and drug use, financial challenges, unhappy relationships are all examples of how the ancestors influence the living. They have a surprising amount of influence over the living

Giving ancestors a voice to help heal their  trauma not only helps heal the ancestor's soul but also releases the influence of the ancestor's trauma on the family line and so freeing the living from the influence.



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"Trust Your Intuition"


A spiritual play day!

An activity based workshop where

you'll learn to listen to and

trust your Inner Voice through

all types of  ways to

access your wonderful intuitive self! 


Patty Hall, Medium &

Tracy Ann, Psychic Medium

To be held here in Old Saybrook

Saturday April 15, 2023




Basic Shamanic Journeying

For more info

April 22-23, 2023


Beginners Astrology

Live on Zoom

"How To Read An Astrology Chart"


New Class starting in the Spring


Part 1 -  6 Weeks    Part 2 - 6 Weeks 

Tuesday Nights On Zoom

7:30 -9:30 pm       $325/12 weeks

A live online Zoom course in Astrology that starts from the very beginning. You'll get a "feeling" for the signs and planets through film and photos that exemplify the character of each to give you a point of reference for remembering all of them. Gain a working knowledge and understanding of Astrology from the creation of a chart to interpreting it. You'll be taken step by step through the the signs, the planets, the houses and how to decipher what they mean. 

Astrology Astrodrama Interactive Workshop

April 28-29, 2023

1 day or 2 day option

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 "Audacious" on NPR

     with Chion Wolf

December 9, 2022 episode

Reincarnation, Past Life Regressions, and YOU (whoever you are)



Three segments comprise this podcast.

Part I - Meet a man who believes he is the reincarnation of Civil War General John P. Gordon. T

Part II - a researcher who studies past lives and why reports from children are so compelling.

Part III - Sit in with Chion during her past life regression in Old Saybrook with Patty Hall.

Chion wolf.jpg
The Regression Session.jpg

Coming Soon! this Spring

"The Regression Session" 

          with Ian Roth

We taped this podcast in the beginning of January.  Join me and Ian in an hour long discussion on past life regression and Deep Memory Process and maybe a few wilder topics.

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Jan 13-17, 2023

"When I understand myself, I understand you, and out of that understanding comes love."

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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