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To register send an email to

Shamanic Journeying I Workshop

2 day workshop - $295

Sept 12-13, 2020

at Waterford, CT

10:00-6:00 pm both days

​Topics include:

- Creating sacred space

- Learning to get Grounded and why it's important, creating a tether

- Traveling safely between the worlds

- Divination - seeking answers from the spiritual world

- Gaining control over your connection with spirit so you can work safely

- Creating a container from which to work

- Traversing through the 3 different worlds - upper, lower and middle world, the three levels of the mind

- Meet your power animal

- Gain understanding of who you are, what your gifts are, what are you here to learn

-  Meet your healing teachers, learn healing techniques just for you.

- Learn the language of spirit.

To register, send an email to and make payment arrangements either through Venmo, Zelle, PayPal or credit card.

Sunday October 11, 2020


Rattle Making 2:00-4:30pm

Your choice of drum 16" , 18", 20" in either deer, elk, horse, buffalo 

Drums have to be ordered and paid for by Sept. 25

Click here for more information

Freeing the Ancestors

and Others

Workshop coming in the summer or fall of 2020!

5 days over 3 weekends outdoors while the weather is still good.  tba.

There will be a group workshop for those interested in learning how to do this work.  If you're interested, please let me know as your input may affect dates.

$500 per person

For more info & registration 

go to Workshops

Beginners Astrology

Live on Zoom

"How To Read An Astrology Chart"


Tuesday nights beginning

January 17, 2023


Part 1 -  6 Weeks    Part 2 - 6 Weeks 

Tuesday Nights On Zoom

7:30 -9:30 pm       $325/12 weeks

A live online Zoom course in Astrology that starts from the very beginning. You'll get a "feeling" for the signs and planets through film and photos that exemplify the character of each to give you a point of reference for remembering all of them. Gain a working knowledge and understanding of Astrology from the creation of a chart to interpreting it. You'll be taken step by step through the the signs, the planets, the houses and how to decipher what they mean. 

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