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Sound Healing and Gong Bath


6:00 pm - 8:15 pm


6:00-7:00pm - Sound Healing Circle

7:30-8:15pm - Gong Bath

Now that we have a bigger space again I am starting back up with our sound healing Circle and adding a Gong Bath to follow. 

During the Sound Healing Circle, we are seated in a Circle. A variety of drums, chimes, bells, rattles and more will be scattered within the Circle. You are welcome to bring your own acoustic instrument(s) or use one of ours.  We'll begin with a piece of poetry to open the space. One person lays down in the center of the Circle for approx. 10 min (6 people x 10 min = 1 hour)  while the other 5 feel what sounds want to be played in an intuitive way. (like jazz is intuitive) Each person brings forth a different energy when they are on the floor in a way that is a personal journey of the music that wants to move through them.

We'll take a 15 min break and move the room around with each person having their own pad or mat on the floor with their head facing the Gong so that the waves will wash over you entering the crown chakra and flowing straight through you and out the toes. 

Space is limited to 6.  Pre-registration is necessary. Bring whatever you'd like to make yourself comfortable, like a blanket or your yoga mat. I have floor pads and pillows with linens,and comfortable rugs.

Masks and socks must be worn. 

$25 per person

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