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Usui Reiki Classes


There are several Reiki traditions but the one I teach is called the Usui Reiki method.  Reiki is a hands on energy healing modality that consists of a client lying on a Reiki table and being receptive to receive the energy that awaits them.  The power of any Reiki session is a combination and coming together of two energies ~ the practitioner's and the client's. Together we will build a healing energy and focus it directly into the four bodies: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.  

My interest is in developing healers. 

Each student has something unique to bring to the table.

I am interested in helping you find out what that is and developing it. Resist comparing how you work or sense energy to how someone else does. We want to find out how YOU sense it and work from there.  

The last couple of years I have been having more and more people coming to me to retake Reiki because they're feeling like they really didn't get out of the class what they thought they should have. They aren't feeling like they're really doing any "healing."  They're having a hard time sensing the energy and even knowing what it is they're supposed to be looking for.

This is a matter of education and supervision. Your skills improve with practice and supervision to fine tune and guide. 



Usui Reiki I Certification


                      Reiki I focuses on you learning how to give yourself Reiki.  You will receive four attunements to the symbol of Reiki healing and taught how to do a full body treatment on yourself, send Reiki energy into objects, such as candles, learn to start tuning into your intuition, learn to ground yourself and quiet the mind.  This class is thorough and covers a broad spectrum of the skills that are used in Reiki I.


A Certificate for Usui Reiki I will be awarded upon  completion.


                     For those who want to continue on to Reiki II, a small amount of homework is offered. This includes a small bit of writing and doing self-Reiki for 21 days. During this time, your energy and ability to sense energy starts to shift.  You'll be asked to make note of what you sense or notice so that you can see your own growth.  Mikao Usui, felt this step was necessary and helps integrate the work as well as familiarize you with your own body and how you sense energy. This also brings Light into the body and starts to work its healing way immediately, beginning the process of shedding old, worn out thoughts and behavior patterns that no longer serve you and make way for a lighter being ~you.

Each of my Reiki workshops end with the student having a Reiki session done by me.  This helps the student experience what a session should fee like. This is the best teaching tool. You can learn more by being on the table than standing by it sometimes.

My Reiki classes are 8 hours and include Reiki Manuals.  I do not teach Reiki I and II on back to back days like some of the quicker programs do.  I learned Reiki 20 years ago and at that time Reiki Masters were adhering to the original Usui guidelines, which called for 21 days of self Reiki.


One  day   8 hours    


Usui Reiki II Certification

                  Usui Reiki II Certification is required for those who want to offer Reiki professionally on clients. This class includes:

  • 2 more sets of attunements

  • learning how to prepare for a session

  • how to set and open sacred space

  • How to set up your own Reiki healing space

  • Choosing a Reiki table

  • how to do long distance healing

  • how to do a Reiki session on another person

  • receiving another Reiki healing session done by me. You will learn a lot about doing a Reiki session by having a Reiki session.                                                           

                         In Reiki II Certification is completed once the homework is completed.  Three full body sessions are required along with a minimal amount of written work.    Each session will have a mentoring session via a phone call, Skype or Facetime to discuss what you did, how the session went, what you noticed, how you handled anything that came up or any other questions that arise. Certification will be awarded  upon completion of all requirements. Once you are certified you may open up your own Reiki practice and charge for your services.


 Includes 8 hours of class time, homework, supervised  practice Reiki sessions and phone mentoring.



Usui Reiki Master Level - Reiki III

This course builds on Reiki I and Reiki II and brings the student into a place of commitment to follow the Path of Healer and Teacher.   At the Master Level, the student learns to teach other students Usui Reiki, which  includes learning to do attunements and teaching a student how to do a Reiki healing session. Much of the Reiki Master Class can be done remotely via Skype. 



  • 4 Classes - each requiring homework

  • Reiki session practice

  • Reporting observations on effectiveness and change throughout the Mastership program.                             

Shamanic Reiki I

  This class is open to all graduates of Basic Shamanic Journeying  who want  to learn more of an intuitive, shamanic approach to healing.  This class includes understanding how energy moves as well as a more advanced,   specialized shamanic journeying to develop your own healing style. 


   Shamanic Reiki builds on experiences from Basic Shamanic Journeying.

    We will assess what your healing goals are based on the work you’ve already

   done and then work with your 3 world and 4 directional Shamanic helpers to 

   create a unique healing style of your own. For example, I’ve had people who 

    are very strong in the use of crystals, or sound healing, one could

    see x-ray through a body. 

    You will learn what energy is and how to follow and direct it. Most importantly, how to become the "hollow bone" and learn to “get out of  the way” so that spirit can work “through” you, and bring through you that which is uniquely yours.


We will be doing 3-4  Shamanic Journeys to get direction specifically for you and how you'll be working, including an attunement from one of your guides. You will also get a Reiki healing helper, which may or may not be one of  the guides you already have.


    Pre-requisites: Basic Shamanic Journeying


     One day 8 hours              

Shamanic Reiki II

 Same program as Usui Reiki I, but with the addition of Shamanic Journeys

                              Pre-requisite: Shamanic Reiki I


One Day 8 hours *

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