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Healing With the Ancestors


Patty is a multi-dimensional soul healer and medium with an expertise in Ancestral Healing and trauma therapy.

Tracy McGrath, Psychic Medium, LLC

and Patty Hall, Soul Healer Medium

present a one day workshop to connect to and heal the wounds of our family and Ancestors, as both the living and dead often need healing. The workshop will include mediumship readings for all, guided meditations and family dynamic constellations to illuminate and heal unknown elements of family issues to bring answers and healing through dialogue.  Ancestors want their stories to be known!

January 2023   10am-6pm

$150 per person

Space is limited to 7.

Register now with PayPal button above or:

Venmo:   Patricia-Hall-103    last four digits of phone 7685

Cashapp:  $mysoulhealer 

or via cc on phone 860-514-7685

Please send an email to or text message with your

name, phone and email to verify receipt of your registration.

I'll be sending an email to everyone prior to the workshop with more details.

      Everyone will be getting a personal gallery style reading with Tracy to start the day. Messages from our loved ones who've passed whether they are from this life or an Ancestor we've never even heard of have great healing value for the living and for the dead and come from a higher perspective. They are always guided by the ultimate force - LOVE.

       Together we'll work to bring forward the Ancestors and facilitate a healing experience. 

As a unified group with the same intention, we lovingly hold space for the healing of our selves, each other and that of the Ancestors to help them come through and resolve long held wounds.

       You'll each have your own altar and are encouraged to bring an offering or anything you would like to honor your loved ones and ancestors. You are also encouraged to draw a rough family tree with at least your parents, grandparents and whoever else you would like to include.  If you don't know some of the names, create a space and make a note "grandfather", great grandmother", etc.

     This is an interactive and highly experiential experience. We will be holding space for each other's healing in a loving and mindful way.

        By the end of the day you will know that healing energy has moved through

both you as well as for your family.

Patty also does individual private sessions with clients.

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