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Astrology "Astrodrama"  Workshop

Your chart comes to life in an immersion of the energy of the planets, signs and houses through psychodrama, live action, and COSTUMES!

Saturday and Sunday April 29-30, 2023

10am - 6pm

"I had a really deep learning are a natural teacher. I learned more this weekend than all of my other 8 online classes I've taken!"             AB

Do you have a basic knowledge of Astrology and want to learn more?

A weekend of role play, theater, and immersion in the energy of your chart featuring classmates as your planets in costume!


      Get a "feel" for the archetypes of the planets and signs and what they represent and how they work together in a chart by BEING a planet in the chart. If a chart is a play, then a planet is an actor. The Sign the planet is in tells us how the planet will be dressed and act.  The house tells us in what area of life experience the action is happening.

           You'll learn so much about your chart and yourSELF by watching others intuitively act out your chart in an astrological psychodrama.  You'll gain a greater understanding of the different voices battling in your psyche to get something done and what part of you wants to work despite those voices. 

When YOU are performing in someone else's chart you really get a sense of the energies that these signs and planets embody. 

              This will really help you understand how the ASPECTS work as the two characters battle it out in the "squares" and "oppositions" and the characters in Sextiles and Trines work together to get things done.

The Moon in Pisces in the Second House (seated) was conjunct Saturn in Taurus in the Second (standing for the photo) Both Moon and Saturn were seated meditating while Pluto in Virgo was opposite in the 8th house demanding that both the Moon and Saturn stand up so it could function. Pluto wanted to control everyone else and stubborn 2nd house inhabitants would not yield to overbearing Pluto.

With role play, props, stories, and intuition, we'll experience each archetype come to life. Don't worry if you're shy, you can be the Pisces!  Which sign is the quietest? It won't be a Gemini!


You'll never forget the signs, planets and houses after this. And you'll have a greater understanding and "knowing" of the "energies" of each. This is much easier than reading books and trying to sort out what this vast wellspring of information means. 


This will be an intensive but fun class.  It's easy to get overwhelmed but we're going to lay it all out in 3D with visual aids and props and action!


We'll use our own charts for the workshop so provide your birth date, exact time of birth and place when signing up.  I will bring a copy of everyone's chart for each person so you can see how things are working.

Focus will be on the archetypes of each sign so you can quickly get a "feel" for a chart you are looking at as well as how they interact with each other. 

Come ready to "play"!

Are you wondering what Saturn Opposite your Sun means?

Stand opposite someone with a scythe in their hand and see what you feel like! Are you still feeling like you're ready to express yourself fully? Or with Scorpio - Stand opposite Darth Vader as he beckons you to come to the Dark Side and you'll realize why you turned around the opposite way to the farm in Taurus and stayed there! 

 Sun in Virgo (witch hat) was conjunct Venus in Leo.  In our last workshop, Sun in Virgo was so irritated that no one would comply to her demands of others to be in order that she was rendered an ineffective planet in the chart. Meanwhile Saturn in Cancer was taking on all of the responsibilities trying to hold everything together while the others weren't achieving anything.

Saturday and Sunday - $275  per person  





   Sunday only - $150  per person*  

Class size is limited to 8 

Venmo:   Patricia-Hall-103   Last 4 digits of phone 7685

Cashapp:  @mysoulhealer

or call to give cc on the phone

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