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Trust Your Intuition Workshop

Sunday June 9, 2024      10am - 5pm

An Interactive Spiritual Play Day!
Our goal is to bring OUT of you how YOU get messages from spirit!

$125 per person

Bring a friend  - 2 for $225

Venmo: Patricia-Hall-103   Last 4 digits of phone = 7685

Cashapp: @mysouhealer

To register, you can pay via Paypal here, Venmo or Cashapp and then fill out the registration form or Email me, text, or call directly and I will respond to confirm.  Registering without payment is not a register so if for some reason you pay and don't hear from me, within the day please contact me.  If you are paying for two people then just add their name under Comments.

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🌟 Unlock Your Intuition, Ignite Your Spiritual Journey! 🌟

Ready to tap into your inner wisdom and embrace the power of your intuition?

It's how spirit communicates with the physical world

🔮 Discover Your Intuitive Gifts: Through engaging exercises and activities, uncover your unique intuitive abilities and learn how to harness them for profound insights and guidance.

🌿 Cultivate Trust and Confidence: Reconnect with your intuition and learn to trust its guidance implicitly, empowering you to make aligned decisions and navigate your spiritual path with clarity and certainty.

🌌 Bridge the Gap: Explore the sacred connection between your soul and the spiritual realm, discovering how your intuition acts as a powerful bridge for receiving divine wisdom and messages.

🧭 Navigate Your Spiritual Path: Gain practical tools and techniques to enhance your intuitive communication with the spirit realm, allowing you to navigate your spiritual journey with confidence and grace.

Don't miss this transformative opportunity to unlock the full potential of your intuition and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth!

Spaces are limited! Reserve your spot now and embark on a soul-stirring adventure to awaken your intuition and ignite your spiritual path. See you there! 🌟

This is an in-person, live workshop with Patty Hall, Soul Healer and Medium.

Trusting your intuition is a cornerstone to building your spiritual awareness and self esteem.

Learning to trust the self is the first step to taking your own power back, if it has been lost and is a guide in learning to following your soul's purpose.  Your intuition is the mechanism the soul uses to communicate with spirit as well as itself.


How many times have you said

"I should have listened to my intuition?" 

      After multiple times of not listening to it, it's easy to disconnect from it or forget how to do it. Trusting your intuition is a leap of faith for many, while for others it's a natural flow.  In this workshop, you'll experience exercise after exercise to bring you through a process of trusting your intuition so you can begin to use it naturally at all times.

Our intuition exists to keep us safe. 

It alerts us of information we need

for our own protection and insight.

Learn to trust it!


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