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The  Return of the Ancient Healer
Drum and Rattle Making Workshop
Pre-Requisite: Basic Shamanic Journeying
1 day workshop
Contact me if you are interested. It is a customized workshop for students and we choose a date that works for those who want to attend.

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Choosing Your Drum

A standard Journey drum, like the Stonehenge drum on the right is 16" and usually made of deer. It has a higher pitch than say Elk, which has a rich deep tone. 

My drum, with the animals is a 20" Elk with a 3" wide rim which gives it a deeper sound.

Your drum will come with the skin, wood frame, lacing and makings for a soft beater.

Prices below include:

  • Drum hide, frame, and beater stick and head

  • Rattle head, stick and all elements to decorate your rattle.

  • Workshop fee

  • 5-6 journeys

  • Tax

  • prices are subject to change if material prices go up. Prices are current as of 2-1-2022

Choose from the following:

16" Willow Oak 2.5" deep with elk, deer or horse - $305

16" *Willow Oak 3" deep with

with elk, deer or horse - $345

18" Deodar Cedar

Elk, deer or horse - $354

18" *Willow Oak 3" deep

Elk, deer, or horse - $358



20" Maple 2.5" deep

Elk, deer, or horse - $386

20" *Willow Oak 3" deep

Elk, deer, or horse - $380

*The 3" Willow Oak has a deeper "voice" than the 2.5" deep frame. 

Creating your own drum is something that is done in sacred space with the intent to create your connection between the worlds. It is the instrument of travel for the shaman for healing on behalf of themselves or for others. The drum shifts consciousness and moves energy.

In shamanism, the beat of 240-280 beats per minute shifts the consciousness of the journeyer putting them in a trance state to access another reality. In addition, drumming is known to have healing properties. Sound moves energy, accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system.  It reduces tension, anxiety and stress and creates a deep relaxed state.

Anyone called to this work remembers on some level a lifetime where they have been so connected to the land in the way we work in the Shamanic Journey Workshop. It is innate. What we don't always remember is who we were or when we were or where we were.  That is easily found by doing a past life regression. 

But it also emerges as a memory during this workshop.  The body remembers...the soul remembers...the heart remembers and it longs to embrace what has been calling them for lifetimes.

This workshop included four journeys including a journey to the tree whose wood creates the Circle for your drum and to the animal whose skin will send out your healing voice to the universe.

And finally we will journey to the ancient time you were a healer. Who were you? What was your purpose? How will you use it in this life?

We will do 5-6 journeys in all.


Basic Shamanic Journeying

16_ Shamanic Journey Drum painted.jpg

The magical act of creating the drum bonds you with this “medicine” and you learn to work with the drum as it teaches the ever-changing laws of nature.

Creating the

Sacred Rattle

There will be plenty of pre-made rattle heads to choose from and you will assemble and decorate them in a meditative

sacred space.

You'll be able to choose from a variety of sizes, sticks and hides including Bear and Elk .

Colorful Feathers, beads, crystals, paint, and leather will be available as well as other miscellaneous items. 

If there is anything special you have that you want to make sure goes on your rattle you are welcome to bring it.

There will be plenty of supplies on hand


Rattle Options





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