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Freeing and Healing the Ancestors
and Others


Fall 2023

Freeing and Healing  the Ancestors


Freeing and Healing the Others

You may take Part 1 only.  Part 1 is a pre-requisite to Part 2.

         "I recently completed the “Freeing and Healing the Ancestors and Others” workshop series with Patty and cannot say enough about it.  Over years of learning about energy and spiritual healing, there are some courses that have led to a profound paradigm shift in my work and my life.  This is one such course.  It was both a powerfully healing and incredibly illuminating experience for me, and it has also been very healing for my family.  This can be sensitive work, and I am ever grateful to have found a trustworthy, safe practitioner and teacher in Patty."                 Elizabeth Z. 

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This workshop takes you to new depths as the world of Ancestral influence is opened up to you in a way that you not only experience your own healing, but also explore the potential of working with clients for those in the healing fields. Be ready for a life-changing experience!

Freeing the Ancestors not only helps them, but will shift YOU in a way that YOU will feel very different and much “lighter” afterward. 

Pre-req: Basic Shamanic Journeying is highly recommended, but not required. It will give you greater understanding of the material.

Learn how to work with clients therapeutically in a dynamic way to lift the influence of the ancestors and Others. At the same time, you will deepen your own spiritual connection and experience your own healing through helping to release the influence of the ancestors in your own life and in the lives of your family lineage.


This class is relevant to those in the healing fields  who would like to work with clients in a therapeutic manner. 

You will learn:

  • How to identify when Ancestral influence is present

  • How the ancestors work through the living.

  • The role trauma and emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wounds play in soul fragmentation

  • What soul fragmentation is and how it happens

  • How to heal and reintegrate soul fragments

  • How to safely, lovingly and compassionately help them cross over

  • How to safely, lovingly and compassionately resolve long held issues that keep them earthbound

  • How to lovingly help them leave the client



 Psychotherapists, Reiki practitioners, coaches, therapists, social services, counselors, psychologists, psychics, astrologers, massage therapists, ministry, etc. and anyone who has a natural connection to spirit in their own life who wants to learn how to connect and work with the Ancestors and Others safely and lovingly.

In Shamanism, this falls under the categories of Psychopomp, Extraction, and Soul Retrieval and are key skills in healing work.


Weekend 1 - Freeing and Healing the Ancestors

On the first weekend we will work with the Ancestors.  Ancestors want their stories known. They want their descendants to know of their struggles and what happened to them. Some are happy and some are unhappy.  Some have stayed with one of their descendants.  When they do, they bring along "unplanned issues." They want to move on and they want you to help them! They want you to hear their story and resolve any conflict that has kept them with the living.



Weekend 2 Freeing and Healing and the Others

On the second weekend we will work with everyone who isn't an ancestor. The skills are similar with some added twists and needing a great amount of compassion.

Students often find this the most profound of all of the healing experiences because it takes them to a new depth of compassion as well as love. It also helps confirm for them why their path as a healer is so important in the larger scheme of things...and we are ALL healers, are we not?

Vintage Sailors

 Program Outline

Weekend 1


Day 1

  • Opening sacred space

  • Understanding the premise of working with the Ancestors and Others

    • how to identify them

    • how they attach to family members

    • how to talk to both the unhappy and happy ancestors

    • assessing what their needs are and how to resolve them

    • how to help them "cross over" into the Light

  • Soul Retrieval - Understanding soul fragmentation, what it is, how it happens and how to heal it

  • Guided meditation to access Ancestors

  • Demonstrations with class attendees

  • Group discussion

  • Closing Sacred Space



Day 2

  • Open sacred space

  • Thoughts and sharing from previous day

  • Further discussion of techniques and objectives with regard to working with Ancestors

  • Demonstrations with Class Attendees

  • Pair Work

  • Group Discussion

  • Closing Sacred Space

Weekend 2


  • Open Sacred Space

  • Thoughts and Sharing from previous week

  • Understanding the premise of working with non-Ancestral influences

  • Learning to identify non-ancestral influences

  • Scanning the body to identify

  • Demonstrations with class attendees

  • Pair work

  • Group discussion

  • Closing Sacred Space


  • Open Sacred Space

  • Thoughts and sharing from previous day

  • Further discussion of techniques and objectives

  • Pair Work

  • Closing Sacred Space

Family Photo Album

Preparing for the Class

Basic Shamanic Journeying is highly recommended, but not required. Journeying gives you a greater understanding of what we are talking about when we discuss movement of the soul between different worlds and planes of existence.  Journeying also grounds you and gives you a container within which to do this work safely with awareness and deliberation.   In addition journeying teaches you how to safely access happy and healthy spirit guides and helpers.  If you can't do it prior to the class, you are urged to pick it up after the class.  It will make a lot of things make more sense

Create a rough Family Tree

Prior to the class, find out a bit about your own ancestors and prepare a rough family tree with parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, great grandparents. 


We'll be discussing what to do with this family tree on the Group Call prior to the workshop. We'll be marking this up so use a good size paper  (11x14 or larger) so you will have room to write next to each name.

The Altar:

You can bring any items you'd like to add to our Ancestral Altar, photos, keepsakes, jewelry, any such items that may have come down through the family line.

Family Photos in B&W

Class Fees

The fee for both weekends is $795.


4 Full Days - Each student will be receiving one to two sessions by me as part of demonstration. In addition,  you will be learning through pair work how to work with each other.

You may take Part I only as a standalone workshop.

Part I is required to take Part II.

You may take Part II at any future date.

Part I - Freeing the Ancestors  $450


Part II - Freeing the Others  $450

Part I & II   $795


Once you pay, click on the orange email icon below and leave your name, number and which class date you are signing up for. 

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Follow up Practice with

Group Calls and Practice Days

Group Calls:

A lot of our learning comes from practice once you learn the basics. You'll learn what works and what doesn't, how to keep your balance and stay grounded. 

Discussing techniques helps everyone learn how to approach different types of situations, which are vast and varied and require experience, intuition, compassion, strength of character, balance, and knowledge.

Supervised Practice Days and Mentoring

Because this work requires a high level of skill and experience prior to working with clients, supervised practice days or weekends will be offered as desired by the class.

Attendance is optional but highly encouraged if you are wanting to successfully offer this to clients. 

Students are also encouraged to work with each other outside of class if they can arrange it  either in person or on Zoom

In addition, private mentoring is also available.


If the group or part of the group is interested, we can arrange an additional one or two day Workshop for further skill building and to help integrate the material. 

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